Article 2: Selecting an optimal production company

Article 2: Selecting an optimal production company

Review of the previous article

Preparing the domain and server

Opening an online store or E-commerce websites requires a domain (indicates the address) and a server (provides the space).

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Selecting an optimal production company and method

Most likely, you are looking at the websites of numerous production companies in preparation for building your online store or E-commerce website. There are a huge selection of functions and plans for online stores. Are you unsure of what to install? Or, perhaps you want to build your E-commerce site in as little time as possible?

This article introduces three patterns for establishing online stores. The “business plan” discussed in the previous article is useful at this time. Based on the business plan which was set, let’s examine which pattern applies to each case.

1. E-commerce building package

For customers who want to avoid the hassle of opening an online store, we recommend using services which handle starting online stores/E-commerce sites.

These services are called “E-commerce building packages” or “all-in-one services.” They have the advantage of including all functions required for operation from the very start, and thus make construction easy even for beginners.

E-commerce building packages provide a batch of functions required for online stores and E-commerce sites (for example, the product page, management screen, product search function, customer management, and order receipt function, etc.).

Even when lacking the knowledge to build a site, the user can open a site with confidence when all functions are included in the package. Furthermore, when using services which differ for each business activity, it is necessary to remember how to use each service. A substantial cost is also incurred.

E-commerce building packages enable batch usage for a variety of services. Packages are probably the best service for individuals who are constructing their own site. Some companies provide free test usage of construction packages. We recommend testing as many packages as possible.

2. From scratch

“From scratch” services are oriented to E-commerce operators with experience in building an online store or E-commerce website. These services offer a great degree of flexibility, and are recommended for customers who want to create a highly-original site.

“I will build my site using website production software, so I want to create a highly-functional online store/E-commerce site!” “I want to customize my site!” —“From scratch” services offer optimal response to customers who have these kinds of desires and the requisite skills. Operation is possible via initial investment consisting of only the software purchase cost and rental server fee.

3. ASP services

Another method is to select shopping cart rentals while comparing with operating conditions at your store. In this method, sites are constructed using existing services such as shopping carts, etc.

Other services which you should consider using depending on the circumstances include servers, email magazine distribution, and affiliates, etc. Once you become accustomed to operating your store, we recommend considering such services.

It is said that the ease of using a cart has a significant effect on sales. In order to prevent customers from changing their minds at the payment screen or confirmation screen and leaving their cart/basket without making a purchase, we recommend testing via trial use or other similar method prior to full-scale implementation.

List of initial costs, operating costs, and customizable features

List of initial costs, operating costs, and customizable features