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Early Payment Service

▼ What is Early Payment Service?
This is a service that allows member stores to set a payment cycle (number of closings, closing date, number of days from closing date to deposit) suitable for their own cash flow.
Optional Services for businesses using "PG Multi-Payment Service (representative member store service (* 1))".​ ​(* 2)
It is applied to various deposit cycles at payment method such as Credit card payment, CVS Payment, Pay-easy payment, E-money payment.

(* 1) In addition to providing a payment system to member stores and connecting payment information between member stores and each payment company, GMO-PG concludes a contract between the member store and the payment company and joins. It is a service that accepts the payment of sales to the store in a lump sum instead.

(* 2) Our prescribed examination is required for use.

What is an Early Payment Service You will be able to select the deposit cycle (the number of closings, the closing date, the due date until payment) from the following number of times and days. * However, in the case of direct debit, the deposit cycle cannot be specified because the deposit will be made after 40 days.

Benefits of our Early Payment Service

Merchants will be able to set up a deposit cycle that suits their cash flow.

Since it often takes days for sales to be deposited in an EC business, cash flow when demanding funds such as working capital and sales promotion expenses is one of the EC management issues for EC businesses.
Early Payment Service, the EC business operator can freely select the payment cycle of "number of deadlines", "deadline", and "date until payment". You can set a deposit cycle that suits your company's cash flow needs, and you can operate an online shop without worrying about cash flow. It will be.

Customizable deposit cycle. It applies to deposit cycles at payment method, excluding direct debits, such as Credit card payment, CVS Payment, Pay-easy payment, E-money payment, etc.

<Setting the optimal deposit cycle>

Deposit image when using the Early Payment Service

The time required for deposit can be shortened by up to 2 months.

Specific example: Image of deposit after 3 times tightening 2 business days

Image of management screen cooperation

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