PG Multi-Payment Service

CVS Payment

▼ What is CVS Payment?
payment on the basis of the paid-up number to be issued after the completion, you at a convenience store over-the-counter payment Tadaku payment method is.
payment can be made at convenience stores throughout Japan 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is an easy-to-use payment method for buyers.

Three points of CVS Payment

  • ・コンビニ店頭での購買者様お支払い期限日数の設定が可能です
  • ・購買者様にはインターネットで決済番号をお伝えするため、払込用紙の発行代や発送料がかかりません
  • ・入金額の間違いが発生しないため、再依頼などの無駄なコストを防ぐことができます

Available convenience stores

You can see the payment option of the purchaser at each convenience store.

We meet payment

CVS Payment payment method for all customer groups, including purchasers who do not have or do not want to have a credit card.

payment method for young people who do not have a credit card, we are proud of the high recognition and support from both online shop owners and purchasers. It is popular not only with young people in their teens and 20s but also with women because of its ease of use and the peace of mind of paying cash.

We recommend that you introduce it to an online shop that sells products and services that target such a customer base.

Operation flow of CVS Payment

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
Operation flow of CVS Payment
  1. Purchase
  2. payment processing
  3. payment processing
  4. Payment number numbering
  5. Result return / payment number notification
  1. payment
  2. payment completion notification
  3. payment completion notification
  4. payment completion notification
    * Only for using the result notification program
  5. Service delivery
  1. payment
  2. payment

Success stories

Akyuraizu Co., Ltd.


It was decisive to be able to pay in advance for CVS Payment In the future, recurring payment, so even with this in mind, it was decided that your service, which is also used by NHK and Tokyo, is better.

Category: Product sales, skin care product sales


Toei Animation Co., Ltd.


Expand sales opportunities by introducing card payment and CVS Payment We safely and reliably deliver high-value-added products such as shop-limited products and character products to our customers.

Category: Sales of related products of anime works produced by Toei Animation


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to introduce only CVS Payment

It is possible to install only CVS Payment, but it is a prerequisite that you use the multi-payment framework. In addition, when adding other payment method separately, it can be realized only by changing the setting.

Please contact us for more information.

Please see here as well

Is it possible to set a payment deadline?

It can be set from 0 to 30 days including the day of sale.

Please contact us for more information.

Please see here as well

Do you support payment with mobile phones and smartphones?

PG Multi-Payment Service is, all of payment method mobile phone, in the smartphone payment will correspond to. Compatible with all convenience stores.

Please contact us for more information.

Flow until service introduction

1. Inquiries / Request for materials

Please contact us by form or phone first. We will send you a free document that summarizes the best service for you. In addition, the person in charge will contact you as soon as possible.
In addition, you can start using the service in a minimum of 3 weeks to 2 months, including the period from application to examination, ID issuance, and incorporation into your system.
payment We also accept detailed consultations and requests regarding services. Please feel free to contact us.

You can use the test environment and download the specifications.

It is an environment where you have to carry out tests in advance before introducing the PG Multi-Payment Service We provide a set of management screens required for specifications, manuals, and various payment

2. Apply from your company

Please submit the following documents when applying.

merchant acquiring service (member store contract package service)
  • ・ PG Multi-Payment Service application
  • ・ The register of the company (copy)
  • ・ Sales product materials
  • ・ Display contents based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law
  • ・ Notification form and permit to each competent authority
  • * Some documents are not required if the web page is open to the public.
  • * Please contact our sales staff for details.
In case of direct membership contract (when there is a contract with the card company)
  • ・ PG Multi-Payment Service application

3. Our company examines and registers merchant screening

If you are using the merchant acquiring service (member store contract acquirer will conduct an examination via our company.

4. We provide the production environment

acquirer and we will send you the production environment setting contents by e-mail.

5. Connection test in production environment at your company

Please perform a connection test in a production environment.

6. Start operation at your company

Please start operation.

  • * The period until the start of operation will vary depending on the content of development at your company.
  • * When installing PayPal, some installation procedures are different. merchant screening After approval, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal, so please enter the verification code and reply. After that, the production environment will be provided.