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GMO advertising fee buy now pay later service

▼What is GMO advertising expense buy now pay later service?
This is a service that allows you to payment your online advertisement expenses *, which are normally paid by credit card the following month, by invoice up to 6 months later. payment for various media can be combined into one invoice, making complicated billing processes more efficient and reducing man-hours.
* Google Ads, Yahoo!advertising, Meta ads (Facebook ads, Instagram ads), X (Twitter) ads, etc.

4 benefits of GMO advertising fee buy now pay later service

1. Improved cash flow
Payment is made by invoice up to 6 months after the month of advertising

The GMO advertising fee buy now pay later service allows you to buy now pay later for 2 months ~ up to 6 months from the month of the month of advertisement.
* There is a prescribed examination by GMO-PG. Depending on the results of the credit check, it may not be available.
Compared to prepayment sites and 30-day sites, which are general payment sites for online advertising expenses, you can make room for cash flow.

2. Streamlining billing operations
One invoice can be used to payment each advertising medium

Since we take care of account issuance, billing work, and transfer procedures that occur for each medium, you will be freed from the complexity of accounting for each invoice for each medium.

3. Dramatically improve the speed of promotion of products/services
You don't have to worry about limits

We will solve the problem of "limit amount" which is the problem of credit card payment
* Examination is required before using.

4. We offer a wide variety of plans to support your advertising operations.
Measures to improve sales through "payment× advertising" that cannot be imitated by other companies

GMO-PG has been certified by various online advertisement authorized agencies. Since you can leave it to us from the opening of an ad account, even businesses that distribute advertisements for the first time can use it with confidence.
We also offer a plan that only a payment processing company can do, which is to operate and analyze advertisements while checking the actual sales of products.

Flow to use

Easy 3 STEPS Start using in as little as 1 week

WEB application
Screening of use / submission of required documents
Start using the service

Usage fee

Initial cost
5% of advertising cost ~ * Minimum fee ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax)
Payment due date
Up to 6 months after the end of the advertisement month

* There is no fee for the month when there is no use.
* There is a screening prescribed by our company for contracts. It may not be available depending on the results of the examination.


Can I leave the operation to you later?

of course.
Please feel free to contact our consultant if you have any problems such as the results not growing as expected after the advertising delivery We will analyze the points that did not work and make improvements.

I want to use it for only one month. Is there a time limit?

Once you sign a contracts, you can use it as you like when you want to use it. If there is no use, there will be no fee.

Is it possible to apply at an overseas corporation?



The day after the 6th business day of the following month, you can download it from our customer support website.
The payment due date is up to 6 months later, so you can afford cash flow.

invoice beginning of the month following the month of advertising delivery


Previously, when I delivered an ad, I failed the screening, but what happens if I serve it with an ad account issued by GMO Payment Gateway?

advertising delivery ads with our advertising account, there is no change in the possibility of disapproval.
Depending on the product, it may be judged as disapproval by the screening of advertisements by media companies, so please refer to the privacy policy of each media for details.
Please note that if we determine that there is a high possibility that the advertisement will be rejected, we may refuse to deliver or apply for the advertisement.