PG Multi-Payment Service

GMO Payment After Delivery service

GMO Payment After Delivery service

▼ What is GMO Payment After Delivery payment service?
GMO Payment After Delivery payment Service is a GMO Payment Service, Inc. invoice and collects payments by receiving the transfer of trading value from the store where you purchased the product. GMO Payment Service bears the uncollected risk (* 1).
After the purchaser receives the product or provides the service, the product price will be paid to the customer regardless payment
GMO Payment After Delivery can be used in combination with Credit card payment

* 1 Limited to transactions that have passed the credit check by the GMO payment service and have been completed normally.

Three points of GMO Payment After Delivery

  • 1. Real-time credit is possible by automatic system linkage
  • 2. The lowest monthly fee and commission in the industry
  • 3. invoice type can be selected from envelopes, postcards, etc.

Features of GMO Payment After Delivery

GMO Payment After Delivery with the service, the unrecovered risk GMO Payment service burden (※ 1) for buy now pay later payment service.
After receiving the product, the purchaser can payment at a convenience store, bank, post office, etc. for payment, so by payment method, it will lead to the acquisition of purchasing needs.

(The service contract is carried out through GMO Payment Gateway)

The GMO payment service will take care of the collection of the product price in a lump sum.

Real-time credit is possible

With conventional buy now pay later payment, it can take about 5 minutes to confirm credit, but with GMO Payment After Delivery, you can obtain credit in real time (*2), so you don't miss out on buyers.

* 2 It will take about 10 seconds to complete the transaction.

Industry's lowest price

Payment fees, monthly fees, invoice costs, all at the lowest level in the industry!
Consumption tax will be charged separately.

You can choose the type of invoice

Invoice types such as "envelope" and "postcard" are available.
Considering elderly purchasers, payment the post office, and "postcards" for member stores that place importance on cost.

Image for sealed letter
Image for postcards
sealed letter Postcard
Storage method Convenience store payment, Bank transfer, post office, etc. Convenience store payment, Bank transfer etc.
Invoice fee 215円/回 185円/回

(A separate consumption tax will be charged)

Price list

Monthly cost payment fee (tax exempt) Estimated monthly handling amount
A plan 0 Yen 4.7% ~ 900,000 yen
B plan 4,500 yen 4.2% ~ 1.7 million yen
C plan 18,000 yen 3.4% ~ 3.9 million yen
D plan 45,000 yen 2.7% From 3.9 million yen

(A separate consumption tax will be charged)

Operation flow

  • Purchase information, payment number, delivery slip number, etc.… Purchase information, payment number, delivery slip number, etc.
  • payment…payment
Operation flow
  1. Purchase
  2. Transaction information registration
  3. Credit result reply (credit OK / NG)
  4. Product shipping (assuming credit OK in ③)
  1. Shipping report
  2. invoice shipping
  3. Deposit sales (commission offset)
  4. payment