PG Multi-Payment Service

Paid payment

Paid payment

▼ What is Paid payment?
BtoB credit risk evaluation, invoice issuance, payment confirmation, dunning work, etc. in BtoB transactions of EC companies, and Paid pays 100% of the payment even if there is a non-payment. It is a service.

4 points of Paid payment

  • 1. Since Paid takes care of everything from credit management to payment collection, member stores (sellers) can improve business efficiency.
  • 2. Business partners (buyers) can make buy now pay later transactions at the end of each month, which contributes to cash flow improvement
  • 3. Since the credit line to business partners can be set from 300 to 10 million yen, it is possible to respond to transactions with sole proprietors and small-lot transactions on the same day at the earliest.
  • 4. Other such as Credit card payment and Account transferIt can be used for payment methods and bulk management.

Paid payment | Operation flow

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
Operation flow
  1. Order
  2. Order processing (Member store → GMO-PG)
  3. Order processing (GMO-PG → Paid)
  4. Order result return (Paid → GMO-PG)
  5. Return of order results (GMO-PG → member stores)
  6. Order completion screen display
  1. invoice (Paid → Buyer)
  2. payment (buyer → raccoon)
  3. Deposit sales (Raccoon → GMO-PG)
  4. Deposit sales (GMO-PG → member stores)

Paid payment | Service flow

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
Service flow
  1. Select a product, select Paid as payment
  2. Send order information to Paid and reply with order results
  3. Shipped based on order information
  4. Send shipping information to Paid
  5. Transfer the sales price from Raccoon to GMO-PG
    * Closed at the end of the month / Deposit 5 days after next
  1. Transfer the sales price from GMO-PG to member stores
  2. Issue an invoice management screen
    * Issued on the Paid management screen
  3. Transfer the price

Flow until service introduction

1. Inquiries / Request for materials

Please contact us by form or phone first. We will send you a free document that summarizes the best service for you. In addition, the person in charge will contact you as soon as possible.
In addition, you can start using the service in a minimum of 3 weeks to 2 months, including the period from application to examination, ID issuance, and incorporation into your system.
payment We also accept detailed consultations and requests regarding services. Please feel free to contact us.

You can use the test environment and download the specifications.

It is an environment where you have to carry out tests in advance before introducing the PG Multi-Payment Service We provide a set of management screens required for specifications, manuals, and various payment

2. Apply from your company

Please submit the following documents when applying.

merchant acquiring service (member store contract package service)
  • ・ PG Multi-Payment Service application
  • ・ The register of the company (copy)
  • ・ Sales product materials
  • ・ Display contents based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law
  • ・ Notification form and permit to each competent authority
  • * Some documents are not required if the web page is open to the public.
  • * Please contact our sales staff for details.
In case of direct membership contract (when there is a contract with the card company)
  • ・ PG Multi-Payment Service application

3. Our company examines and registers merchant screening

If you are using the merchant acquiring service (member store contract acquirer will conduct an examination via our company.

4. We provide the production environment

acquirer and we will send you the production environment setting contents by e-mail.

5. Connection test in production environment at your company

Please perform a connection test in a production environment.

6. Start operation at your company

Please start operation.

  • * The period until the start of operation will vary depending on the content of development at your company.
  • * When installing PayPal, some installation procedures are different. merchant screening After approval, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal, so please enter the verification code and reply. After that, the production environment will be provided.
payment service for BtoB provided by Raccoon Co., Ltd.