Ginko Pay Base System

Ginko Pay Base System

▼ What is Ginko Pay?

It is a service that allows you to instantly withdraw your bank account from your smartphone app to payment.
Banks can not only develop their own smartphone payment service utilizing the infrastructure system of "Ginko Pay", but also multi-bank payment function that enables mutual cooperation between introducing banks ( By mutual access between banks), it is possible to provide it as a service that can be used across banks and regions.
Users who have an account at a bank that has introduced "Ginko Pay" can download the smartphone app for users and register their own account in advance when shopping at member stores. , QR code / barcode payment will deduct the money from your bank account and complete payment.

Ginko Pay Base System

Introducing bank

  • The Bank of Yokohama Bank of Fukuoka The Kumamoto Bank The Juhachi-Shinwa Bank Japan Post Bank Bank of Okinawa Hokuriku Bank Hokkaido Bank Hiroshima Bank SMBC SMBC

* On this page, the banks that have introduced GMO-PG are listed in the order in which the press releases were announced.

Ginko Pay Base System
  • User app
  • App for merchants

Main functions

▼ Multi-bank payment function (mutual access between banks)

This is a function that enables mutual cooperation between banks.
By introducing this function, payment service of the relevant bank will be able to use it at the member stores (* 1) that payment service of other banks that have introduced this function.

■ Banks that payment function (as of October 1, 2020)

The Bank of Yokohama, Fukuoka Financial Group (Bank of Fukuoka, The Kumamoto Bank, The Juhachi-Shinwa Bank Japan Post Bank, Bank of Okinawa, Hokuhoku Financial Group (Hokuriku Bank and Hokkaido Bank), Hiroshima Bank, SMBC (*3)

(* 1) It may not be available at some stores.
(* 2) From October 1st to December 30th, 2020, the former Eighteenth Bank account cannot be used as a designated account.
(* 3) SMBC provides "Business-type Pay," a service that allows businesses to equip users with payment functions using their smartphone member apps.

▼ Payment slip payment function

It is a function that can perform payment of the payment slip (* 4) with the bank's own smartphone payment service.
By introducing this function, the bank's original smartphone payment service user can read the QR code / barcode printed on the payment slip with the app, and the price will be deducted from the bank account payment is complete.

■ Payment slip payment function compatible banks (as of October 1, 2020)

The Bank of Yokohama, Fukuoka Financial Group (Bank of Fukuoka, The Kumamoto Bank, The Juhachi-Shinwa Bank Japan Post Bank, Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.

(* 4) You can use the payment slip issued by the computer system or Japan Post Bank. Corresponding payment slips will be added one by one. (Limited to those with a special contract related to Ginko Pay

▼ Cash out service

It is a function that allows you to withdraw bank deposits and savings by using a bank account-linked payment method using a terminal such as a debit card or smartphone at a retail store's cash register or automatic checkout machine.

▼ External cooperation API

It is a function that can be linked with POS cash registers and automatic checkout machines.
Merchant stores that have signed a "Ginko Pay" usage contract can introduce Ginko Pay" without changing the operation at the time of accounting.
We are promoting cooperation with various services to expand the usage scene of Ginko Pay" such as cooperation with dispensing pharmacy payment

[Supplement] How to read when payment

* Depending on the smartphone app of each bank, the corresponding reading method at the time of payment

▼ payment flow (method for users to read QR code: MPM)

The QR code is displayed on the store side, and the purchaser makes a payment by reading it using the app.

▼ payment flow (Merchant store reads QR code / barcode: CPM)

Display the barcode / QR code on the purchaser's app and read it at the store to make the payment.