PG Multi-Payment Service

Multi-currency credit card payment

▼ What is Multi-currency credit card payment?
You can use local currency-denominated Credit card payment (overseas purchaser's home currency-denominated Credit card payment) without connecting to an overseas payment
Since GMO-PG converts the currency, the sales amount will be deposited in Japanese yen to the member stores as well as domestic sales. It is possible to operate a shop in foreign currency for overseas without troublesome procedures.

Multi-currency credit card payment image

Benefits of Multi-currency credit card payment

  • ・ Reduction of foreign exchange risk of purchasers
    Since the fixed product price can be displayed in the local currency, the purchaser does not need to consider exchange fluctuations.
  • ・ Provide batch Credit card payment multiple currencies
    You can introduce Credit card payment denominated in foreign currencies only by contract a Japanese domestic corporation and a GMO-PG / card company without establishing a local corporation overseas.
  • ・ Reduction of currency exchange / settlement work burden
    Since the sales price is denominated in yen, it is possible to reduce the work burden related to foreign currency handling such as currency exchange and settlement.

Multi-currency credit card payment operation flow

Data flow for Multi-currency credit card payment

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
Multi-currency credit card payment operation flow
  1. Purchase screen display (foreign currency payment) *
  2. payment (foreign currency payment)
  3. authorization processing (capture / actual sales)
  4. authorization processing (capture / actual sales)
  5. Return of authorization
  1. Return of authorization
  2. Sales information (yen) result notification *
  3. Sales information (yen) result notification *
  4. Service delivery
  5. payment
  1. payment
  2. payment

* There are differences depending on the type.

Providing Multi-currency credit card payment

You can choose from the following two service plans.

Corresponding currency

21 currencies

33 currencies

exchange rate

・ Confirmed 3 days after actual sales
・ Established by member stores and guide to purchasers

・ Confirmed at the time of payment
・ Applicable rate inquiry is possible on a daily basis

Exchange rate fluctuation risk

Merchant burden


Operation method

Temporary actual operation / immediate operation

Immediate operation only

3DS compatible "Required" only Select from "Yes / Required"

Precautions for Multi-currency credit card payment

  • 1. List of supported currencies
  • Supports the following currencies depending on the type (as of September 2, 2019)
  •  … MCP compatible currency
  •  … DCC compatible currency
  • U.S. dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Australian dollar
  • Singapore dollar
  • Swiss franc
  • CNY
  • Korean won
  • Hong Kong dollar
  • New Taiwan dollar
  • Russian ruble
  • Thai baht
  • Malaysian ringgit
  • Philippine peso
  • Vietnamese dong
  • Danish krone
  • Indian rupee
  • Swedish krona
  • Euro
  • GBP
  • Norwegian krone
  • Brazilian real
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Macau Pataca
  • Czech koruna
  • Indonesian rupiah
  • Israeli Shekel
  • Sri Lankan rupee
  • Mexican peso
  • Argentine peso
  • South African rand
  • UAE Dilham
  • Saudi riyal
  • Qatari riy
  • 2. Compatible brands
  • Compatible with VISA and MASTER.
  • 3. Functions differ depending on the type
  • We have two types, MCP and DCC, so please select the type that suits the operation of the EC site.