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Payroll prepayment service "SOKKYU byGMO"

Payroll prepayment service "SOKKYU byGMO"

▼ 給与前払いサービス「即給 byGMO」とは

Receive the salary for the work at the worker's favorite timing


Benefits for companies introducing SOKKYU byGMO

① Healthy workers
Support assets
Corporate benefits

According to a statistical survey, 45% of households in their 20s in the country have no savings and 20% are borrowing.
SOKKYU byGMO supports independent assets formation within the salary range.
Exhibitor: "Public Opinion Survey on finance Behavior of Households" [Single Household Survey] (2019)

② Strengthen recruitment +
Improving employee satisfaction
Corporate benefits

The introduction of prepayment is a manifestation of the generous care for workers in their daily lives.
In terms of hiring, it is thought that this will lead to an increase in the number of job applications and a decrease in the retirement rate of workers.

③ Payroll business process
Reduction of man-hours by digitization
Corporate benefits

Since GMO-PG is in charge of the process related to payroll prepayment, we will reduce the man-hours of personnel staff and payroll staff.
SOKKYU byGMO is designed and operated digitally first.

* SOKKYU byGMO is GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (GMO-PG).
* Immediate payment ∞ SOKKYU is a trademark owned by Sakura Information Systems Co., Ltd.
* SOKKYU byGMO is operated in strict compliance with related laws and regulations such as the Labor Standards Act and other related business laws.

SOKKYU byGMO can be selected from two mechanisms

▼ Deposit type

Introducing company, the employer, prepares salary funds

Deposit type
▼ Replacement type

GMO-PG reimburses salary funds and pays once a month

Replacement type

SOKKYU byGMO 's strengths

① Transfer to your usual bank account
No special card is required.

We will transfer the salary to your usual bank account without having to create a dedicated account or card for the worker.
In addition, the introducing company is required to set the specified financial institution account as the withdrawal account when using the deposit type.

② Immediate payment
Many years of Actual

Leave the salaries of important employees to Actual and trusted service providers.
The service was launched in 2007, and it has been introduced by more than 1,000 companies.

③ Introducing company
Product strength to meet needs

Depending on the needs of the introduction company, both deposit type and replacement type are available.
In addition, please look forward to the future service expansion by GMO-PG, which is leading the domestic cashless scene.

Flow until service introduction

  • ① Inquiry

    Please contact GMO Payment Gateway first.

  • ② Hearing

    We will hear about your company's situation.

  • ③ contract conclusion

    Please conclude an introduction contract after adjusting the conditions.
    * In the case of deposit type, it is mandatory to open your company account at the designated financial institution.

  • ④ Information registration

    SOKKYU byGMO Please register various information to the system.
    ・ Corporate information
    ・ Payroll cycle / closing date, etc.
    ・ Employee information
    ・ Attendance data linkage


Please tell me the fee structure.

As a fee for introduction, the company will be charged a fixed monthly fee, and the worker will be charged a system usage fee and a Bank transfer fee (in the case of a reimbursement type, a fund reimbursement fee) for each transfer.
In addition, it is also possible for the company to bear the fee of the worker.

How long does it take for a new company to introduce SOKKYU byGMO

In the case of the reimbursement type, it can be used within a few business days after application, and in the case of the deposit type, it can be used immediately after opening a dedicated financial institution SOKKYU byGMO

SOKKYU byGMO need to open a new bank account?

There is no need to open a new bank account. You can use your usual payroll account.

Is it a system that complies with related labor laws and regulations, such as the five principles of wage payment

We adhere to the principle.
So-called prepayment of salary may conflict with the "principle of payment payment" out of the five principles of payment
Introducing payroll prepayment Companies and their workers are required to conclude a labor-management agreement that allows them to use payroll prepayment businesses for payment

Is it a different mechanism from the so-called "employee lending" and "salary factoring"?

SOKKYU byGMO is an immediate payment service up to the salary equivalent amount according to the worker's work Actual, so it does not fall under "loan".
In addition, since it is not necessary to repay the amount equivalent to the salary received immediately, it is a service different from "salary factoring" in which the worker is obliged to repay the amount already paid at payment at a later date.