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GMO Cashless Platform

▼ GMO Cashless Platformとは
「GMO Cashless Platform」は実店舗向けQR・バーコード決済に対応したマルチ決済サービスです。

Payment method to choose from on GMO Cashless Platform

WeChat Pay
Yucho Pay
d Payment
Rakuten Pay
(App payment)
au PAY
QUO Card Pay
J-Coin Pay

Benefits of GMO Cashless Platform

1. Easy to operate

  • Various QR / barcode payment are automatically identified, and payment can be made with a single operation.
  • Since contract to sales settlement, you can centrally manage transaction status and sales confirmation on one management screen.

2. Easy to develop

  • Due to the unified interface, the payment method etc. is light.

Introduction method

  • 1. POS
  • payment can be made by connecting directly to the POS terminal (API connection). * 1
payment terminal
  • 2. payment terminal
  • payment is possible by installing a multi-payment terminal or a QR-only payment * 2
  • 3. Tablet
  • You can payment by installing payment application of this service on your smartphone or tablet. * 3
  • * 1 POS repair is required to connect to the system.
  • GMO Financial Gate, Inc., Ltd. can provide the built-in multi-payment terminal, and Lakara Japan Co., Ltd. can provide the QR-dedicated payment terminal.
  • * 3 Your company needs to prepare a terminal such as a tablet.
    payment application from the App Store or Google Play.

Flow until service introduction

The flow to use GMO Cashless Platform is as follows.

1. Contact us

Please contact us by form or phone first. The person in charge will contact you shortly.
In addition, you can start using the service in about 1 week to 2 months, including the time from application to examination, ID issuance, sales promotion, etc.
* Please note that system development may occur depending on the installation method.

If you wish, we will also introduce a payment
Please feel free to contact us for detailed consultations and requests regarding the introduction of QR / bar code payment

2. Application


3. merchant screening

The examination period varies depending on the payment method (1 week to 2 months)
After the examination is completed, we will inform you of the required ID and password.

4. Sending promotional materials

We will deliver acceptance stickers and pops.

5. Start using

You can use it as soon as the payment terminal is installed or payment
* Before starting use, please post acceptance stickers, pops, etc. in a place where consumers (customers) can see them.