PG Multi-Payment Service

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

▼ What is Amazon Pay?
payment service that allows payment purchase prices and service usage fees using your Amazon account.
By logging in with your Amazon account, your customers (purchasers) do not need to enter their address or credit card information, so you can place orders easily and conveniently.
It also supports "recurring payment (Auto Pay)".

Benefits of Amazon Pay

  • 1. Improved conversion rate
    payment it is possible to prevent the basket from dropping and improve the conversion rate.
  • 2. Acquire new customers
    It provides buyers with smooth, stress-free purchases and can be expected to improve new customer acquisition rates.
  • 3. Countermeasures against fraudulent transactions
    Amazon monitors account and password management 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,
    In addition, the Amazon Marketplace Guarantee (*) is applied, so you can install it with confidence.

    * Amazon Marketplace Guarantee is a system in which Amazon guarantees up to 300,000 yen of the total purchase amount including shipping charges to the purchaser in case of trouble between the business operator and the purchaser.

Amazon Pay operation flow

Flow from purchase to payment to member stores

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
Amazon Pay operation flow
  1. Log in with your Amazon account
  2. Address / payment information linkage (Amazon → member store)
  3. Address / payment option display (Merchant → Consumer)
  4. Purchase
  5. payment processing (Member store → GMO-PG)
  1. payment processing (GMO-PG → Amazon)
  2. payment processing result (Amazon → GMO-PG)
  3. payment completion notification (GMO-PG → member store)
  4. Product / service provision
  5. Delivery of sales [Payment] (Amazon → GMO-PG)
  1. Delivery of sales [Payment] (GMO-PG → Merchant)

Flow until service introduction

The flow to use Amazon Pay is as follows.

Step1. Apply for pre-screening to GMO-PG

Please link the EC site to be introduced to the GMO-PG sales staff.

Step2. Get an Amazon Pay seller account Apply for Amazon Pay from here. (About 1-2 weeks)

Step3. Enter our designated account in the sales deposit account and prepare a screenshot (evidence)

If you do not apply with our designated account, you will not be able to use it through us.

Step4. PG Multi-Payment Service (6 points must be submitted below)

seller central Login Email address, client ID, seller ID, access key ID, secret access key, Step.3 Evidence

Step5. After setting the system with GMO-PG, provide the production environment

We will set up our system based on the evidence that you cooperated with.

Step6. Start production operation

Amazon Pay notes

  • -Please use the module type and protocol type for mounting.
  • ・ It is necessary to install the "Login with Amazon account" button before the payment data
  • -Please do not change the transaction status on the Amazon Pay management screen (Seller Central).
    * There may be a difference payment status between our company and Amazon, which may affect payment
  • ・ Amazon Pay can only be used by the purchaser who has an (Amazon in Japan) account and has registered card information and address.
  • ・ The sales amount will be credited to the member stores as the PG Multi-Payment Service
    * If our designated account is not registered correctly, it may affect payment