PG Multi-Payment Service

PAYSLE payment

▼ PAYSLE決済とは

The electronic bar code displayed on the smartphone is read at the cash register PAYSLEpayment

Benefits of PAYSLEpayment

1. 1. Improvement of recovery rate and early recovery

  • By improving consumer convenience, we can expect an improvement in the collection rate and an early collection.

2. Reduction of work load

  • Since there is no need to print and ship payment slips, the work load can be reduced.

3. 3. Cost reduction

  • Since it is not necessary to issue a payment slip, it will lead to reduction of paper, printing and shipping costs. Also, no revenue stamp fee is required.

Operation flow

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
Operation flow of JCB premo card payment
  1. Purchase
  2. payment processing (Member store → GMO-PG)
  3. Bar code numbering (GMO-PG → member stores)
  4. Barcode Issue Number (GMO-PG→PAYSLE App)
  5. Bar code numbering (Merchant store → Consumer)
  1. payment (consumer → convenience store)
  2. Payment notification (convenience store → GMO-PG)
  3. Payment notification (GMO-PG → member store)
  4. Product / service provision
  5. Delivery of sales [Payment] (Convenience store → GMO-PG)
  1. Delivery of sales [Payment] (GMO-PG → Merchant)
※: You can choose whether to display storage barcode information via your company's application or use PAYSLE app.

How PAYSLEpayment is introduced

There are two forms of introduction in the PAYSLEpayment, and you can choose one at the time of application.

Incorporate PAYSLE APIs into your own apps
  • Merchants incorporate PAYSLEpayment functions into the apps they provide to consumers, and consumers can PAYSLE through merchants' apps. Use payment features.
  • Since it is possible to use the PAYSLE function on the merchant application, it is a form of introduction with high convenience for consumers.
PAYSLE app usage type
  • Consumers download PAYSLE apps and take advantage of PAYSLE's payment features.
    ※ PAYSLE app is free. Available for download on Google Play and App Store.
  • It is a suitable introduction form if you do not provide consumer applications at merchants or if you want to introduce PAYSLEpayment without incurring development costs.

PAYSLEpayment notes

  • This service buy now pay later, but we do not purchase receivables.
  • When implementing with "in-house application built-in type", there is payment company and a confirmation test of the barcode display before using the production environment.
  • When implementing with "in-house application built-in type", to prevent accidental payment by consumers, when the transaction is paid / suspended / expired, the paid barcode is displayed (payment suspension processing). Please take action) or hide the acquired barcode.
  • 「PAYSLEアプリ利用型」で実装する場合、加盟店様が決済依頼を行う前に消費者のスマートフォンにPAYSLEアプリがインストールされている必要がございます。また、加盟店様が決済実行を実施してからPAYSLEアプリに支払い用バーコードの表示まで30~60秒程度かかります。
* "PAYSLE" is a service provided by brees corporation.