PG Multi-Payment Service

Bank transfer (Virtual Account)

Bank transfer (Virtual Account)

▼ What is Bank transfer (Virtual Account)?
This is a method of making a payment by assigning a transfer-only account (accepting only transfers) to each billing (transaction) destination.
As soon as there is a deposit in the transfer-only account, we will notify you of the deposit, so you can reduce the deposit verification office cost.
(This service uses SMBC 's deposit verification service "Perfect" and GMO Aozora online bank 's "Transfer Deposit Account". You can select either one at the time of application.)

Benefits of Bank transfer (Virtual Account)

  • ・ Reduction of deposit verification office costs
    It becomes easier to identify the transferor, the efficiency of payment verification office work can be improved, and office costs can be reduced.
  • ・ Strengthening sales receivable collection management
    By improving and accelerating the application rate, it will be easier to identify the unpaid destinations, and early response will be possible.
  • ・ Improvement of customer service
    You can reduce payment inquiries to customers and reduce delays in providing products and services due to delays in payment confirmation.
  • ・ Reduction of erroneous deposits *
    As a standard function, a check digit function and an account closure function after use are attached, and you can expect to reduce erroneous deposits.
    * This function is limited to online bank

Bank transfer (Virtual Account) operation flow

Flow from purchase to payment to member stores

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
  • Service delivery…Service delivery
Bank transfer (Virtual Account) flow
  1. Purchase
  2. payment number notification (Merchant → GMO-PG)
  3. Transfer-only account allocation (GMO-PG → member stores)
  4. Transfer-only account allocation (member store → end user)
  1. payment
  2. Deposit sales (bank → GMO-PG)
  3. Acquisition of payment information (GMO-PG → Bank)
  4. Payment notification (GMO-PG → member store)
  1. Service provision (Merchant store → End user)
  2. Deposit sales (GMO-PG → member stores)

Bank transfer (Virtual Account) service provision

You can choose from the following two service plans.

SMBC GMO Aozora online bank

A type that reuses our virtual account exclusively for member stores

A type that uses a virtual account held by a bank for all contract


Transaction unit * 1 / Customer unit * 2

Transaction unit * 1 / Customer unit * 2

contract classification

Comprehensive contract only

Comprehensive contract only

account number

Serial number


Account dormant period

30 days



* Shop unit

  1. ·Initial cost
  2. ・ Fixed cost
  3. ・ Processing fee (charged according to the number of exclusive accounts)
  4. ・手数料(入金金額に応じて課金)
  1. ·Initial cost
  2. ・ Fixed cost
  3. ・ Account opening fee (charged according to the number of account numbers)
  4. ・ Account deposit fee (charged according to the number of account deposits)
  5. ・手数料(入金金額に応じて課金)
Transfer name


① Shop name + (member store optional) * 4 /
② GMO-PG + (optional for member stores)

Check digit



Target member stores

It payment will be used by member stores with 300 or more. Even if the number of transactions is small, it is the best plan for member stores who wish to use the customer unit * 2 or change the transfer name.

All member stores
* Customers with a large number of Bank transfer

* 1) Allocate a virtual account for each transaction (method of assigning an account number for each transaction and utilizing it in one time)

* 2) Allocate a virtual account for each customer (a method of linking pre-linked account numbers for each customer and continuously using them)

* 3) You can apply in units of 1,000 accounts. Considering the account dormant period, please apply about 4 times the number of monthly accounts.

* 4) It can be used when the necessary conditions are met. Please contact us for details.

Precautions for Bank transfer (Virtual Account)

・ About the burden of transfer fee

  • Please let us know in advance as the transfer fee to the transfer-only account will be borne by the end user (purchaser).

・ About selectable banks

  • You can choose from two banks, SMBC and GMO Aozora online bank.

・ About the function

  • The functions provided vary depending on the bank you select. Please contact us for details.

PG Multi-Payment Service?

The PG Multipayment Framework is a comprehensive payment service that integrates various payment functions as a "SaaS" that realizes high-performance and easy introduction. Since we provide not only procedures such as merchant screening and contract of affiliated stores but also from actual introduction to operation in one stop, smooth payment service can be introduced.

PG multi-payment framework