Column list

First EC site construction

1st "Opening of online shop / EC site"

Are you having trouble starting EC? For those who are in charge of launching an online shop / EC site within the company and have no idea what to do, we will guide you through each step from planning to operation of the online shop / EC site and points to be aware of. I will do it.

2nd "Choose the best production company"

The online shop has various functions and plans, and are you wondering what to introduce? Maybe some people can't spend the production time. This time, we will introduce three types of online shop construction patterns.

The 3rd "Points when requesting a production company"

Did you find the best one, considering your business plan, cost, and scale? Has the image of the online shop / EC site become clearer? Here are some things to keep in mind when asking a production company.

The 4th "security measures"

Customer trust is important for non-face-to-face online shops and EC sites. It is necessary to pay close attention to the management of personal information entrusted to us by our customers. Let's take all possible security measures so that customers can shop online safely and securely.

The 5th "Determining a payment processing company

Credit card payment, CVS Payment multiple of such payment in bulk contract, and services that can be system introduced payment processing services is. payment method required by customers, and it is recommended to use a payment processing services that can reduce the administrative burden on the shop side while meeting those needs.

The 6th "For those who are new to payment

PG Multi-Payment Service offers a variety of payment method. We will explain about Credit card payment, CVS Payment, E-money payment, and payment

7th "For those who are new to payment

PG Multi-Payment Service offers a variety of payment method. We will explain about payment, fund transfer, Cash On Delivery payment, and carrier payment

The 8th "Comparison of payment processing services

We will tell you the points to compare and select payment processing services payment processing services when you weigh the company, we want to currently deployed payment method not only, there is a possibility to introduce future payment method that, to have a long-term perspective is important.

The 9th "Business contents of online shop / EC site"

Let's understand the product management / sales management / site management / support business / customer attraction measures that are necessary for operating an online shop / EC site.

The 10th "Points for success"

I will tell you the points to succeed as a selling online shop / EC site. In marketing support, we provide sales improvement measures that cannot be imitated by other companies payment