PG Multi-Payment Service



▼ What is LINE Pay?
You can easily do payment with your pre-charged LINE Pay balance.
By adding it to the existing payment method, we can expect to capture the light user base.

Benefits of LINE Pay

  • payment method for a wide range of customers
    It can also be used by minors and customers who do not have a credit card.
    (Limited to pre-charged users)
  • ・ Increase conversion rate with payment
    This will lead to the acquisition of new customers who are currently leaving.

LINE Pay operation flow

Flow from purchase to payment to member stores

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
LINE Pay operation flow
  1. Purchase
  2. payment processing (Merchant site → GMO-PG)
  3. payment processing (GMO-PG → LINE Pay)
  4. Issuing authentication information (URL) (LINE Pay → GMO-PG)
  5. Credential return
  1. Authentication screen display (Merchant store → End user)
  2. Authentication process (end user → LINE Pay)
  3. payment notification processing (LINE Pay → GMO-PG)
  4. payment completion notification (GMO-PG → LINE Pay)
  5. Service delivery
  1. Deposit sales (LINE Pay → GMO-PG)
  2. Deposit sales (GMO-PG → member stores)
    * Comprehensive contract

Precautions for LINE Pay

  • ・ There is an upper limit to the amount of money you can use. (payment amount: 99,999,999 yen + tax shipping fee 9,999,999 yen)
  • ・ The period from authorization actual sales is 30 days (however, it may differ depending on the member store)
  • ・ It is not possible to change the amount after capture
  • ・ When authorization, only full cancellation is possible (actual sales and capture can be partially canceled)