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Invoice Card Pay byGMO

▼ 請求書カード払い byGMOとは
請求書カード払い byGMOとはBtoBの請求書カード払いを可能にするサービスです。

Image of using invoice card payment by GMO

Features of Invoice Card Pay byGMO

1. Card payment can be used for invoices that were previously made by Bank transfer

By introducing this service, the buyer company can use your card even if the selling company specifies Bank transfer as a payment method. Payment will be possible (*1)

2. Improvement of cash flow

The payment due date can be up to about 60 days (*2) without borrowing, allowing for more cash flow.

3. Fees are among the lowest in the industry.

It is possible to use it at the lowest commission rate in the industry.

*1 There is a screening prescribed by GMO-PG for use. It may not be available depending on the results of the review.
*2 The number of carryover days varies depending on the date of application for card payment and the date of withdrawal of the card used.

Flow until the buyer company uses the service

You can use it in 3 easy steps.

Register as a member of Invoice Card Pay byGMO and log in
Register your card number on the extranet
Enter the invoice information and complete the application.

Initiatives for Safe Transactions

1. Measures to Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

In order to prevent fraudulent transactions such as cashing out credit lines, we utilize the know-how we have cultivated through the examination and Actual of more than 100,000 accounts receivable to check for fictitious transactions and circular transactions by companies that do not have substance invoiceWe are conducting authenticity judgment.

2. Reliable system

We provide a robust payment system to government agencies and stably process large-scale transactions exceeding 10 trillion yen per year.

請求書カード払い byGMO


Invoice Card Pay byGMO
We are looking for a collaboration partner.

By linking partner companies' own services with Invoice Card Pay byGMO, financial institutionsIt is possible to provide a new means of financing that can improve cash flow without borrowing from such sources.

Advantages of Invoice Card Pay byGMO linkage for partner companies

1. Generate new revenue

By linking Invoice Card Pay byGMO, it is possible to create a new source of revenue such as fees for each transaction.
We're here to help you grow your business.

2. Improve customer experience to increase retention and attract new customers

In addition to improving cash flow to improve the satisfaction of existing customers, it is expected to acquire new customers by enabling card payments.