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GMO BtoB早払い(ファクタリング)

▼「GMO BtoB早払い」とは?

Features of "GMO B2B Early Payment

1. Credit

TSE can be used with confidence by providing services by Prime listed companies.

2. Convenience

By utilizing the liquidation of receivables, it is possible to diversify the means of raising funds.
invoice In addition to "invoice purchase" purchased at the issuing stage, "order form purchase" purchased at the ordering stage is also available as an option.

3. Speed

Payment will be made within a minimum of 2 business days after the loan purchase is executed.
* There is a prescribed examination by GMO Payment Gateway for use. It may not be available depending on the result of the examination.

Your benefits

1. Improved cash flow

accounts receivable can be capitalized at an early stage by purchasing receivables.

2. Reduction of uncollected risk

In the unlikely event that the purchased receivables become unpaid due to the bankruptcy of the business partner or payment delay, the GMO Payment Gateway will collect the payment, so the uncollected amount will be reduced.

3. Easy procedure

Unlike bank loans, there is no need to submit a cash flow chart, business plan

4. Streamlining financial statements

The balance sheet is slim because it is journalized by accounts receivable

Accounts receivable purchase assessment simulation

Flow of "GMO B2B Early Payment

Receiving funds reduced by about 20 days

Shortening the time to deposit

About 50 days reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is using it?

There is business-to-business transactions (BtoB transactions), and it is widely used by companies with receivables, but it is only for corporations and cannot be used by sole proprietors.

What kind of company is the buyer to be purchased?

Only for corporations. Claims for individuals are not eligible for purchase.

How long does it take to make a deposit?

The seller who has completed the usage examination will make the payment in a minimum of 2 business days. If you have not completed the usage examination, please apply first. The result of the usage examination will be answered in a minimum of 2 business days.

Are there any documents required for usage screening?

You will need the seller's financial statements for two terms, a trial balance, the buyer's examination request, and a basic transaction contract

Are there any documents required to execute the purchase?

You will need a quotation, invoice / delivery confirmation (acceptance), etc.

Are there any industries that cannot be purchased?

Currently, we are refraining from purchasing in some industries. Please contact us for details.

Can I buy even if I am in the red or insolvent?

We will not refuse the purchase just because of the deficit and insolvency. If you have not paid taxes or social insurance premiums and have not completed the partial payment procedure, we will refuse the purchase.

I have unpaid taxes and social insurance premiums, can I buy them?

If you have not paid taxes or social insurance premiums, we do not purchase them in principle. However, if it is paid in installments, it may be possible to purchase it.

Can I use it even if the loan from the financial institution

It may be available. Please feel free to contact us as it will be our own examination.

GMO B2B Early Payment different from lending?

Varies. GMO B2B Early Payment is a financing method in which we purchase receivables in business-to-business transactions.

What is the purchase commission rate?

Purchase order: 2% ~ 12% invoice: 1% ~ 10%. We will examine the commission rate and present it.

Please tell me the usage limit.

We can handle from tens of thousands of yen per invoice.
However, the total amount per purchase is 1 million yen or more (3 million yen or more for the spot type).

Do I need to notify my business partners?

In principle, no notification is required to the business partner.

Is registration required at the time of purchase?

In principle, it is not registered. ※Please contact us for more information.

Is it mandatory to use a virtual account to receive payment for a bilateral contract

In principle, the service is based on the assumption that it will be used, but it may not be necessary depending on the examination results.

What if I have accounts receivable in my virtual account?

We will transfer the money to your designated bank account in a minimum of 2 business days.

Is the privacy of the usage application protected?

Please be assured. We properly comply with laws and regulations.

"Electronic Invoice Early Payment"

Electronic Invoice Early Payment invoice with a single click, in collaboration with Infomart Corporation and our company.
By using "Electronic Invoice Early Payment", you can monetize the accounts receivable invoice earlier than the payment due date, which makes it possible to improve the cash flow.



Financing quickly with invoice

Electronic Invoice Early Payment
"Electronic Invoice Early Payment" is a financing service for companies that can raise funds from invoice operated by Infomart without relying on financial institution