PG Multi-Payment Service

PG Multi-Payment Service

payment system for mail-order and EC sites that allows you to select payment methods such as Credit card payment and CVS Payment We will provide you with confidence in function, quality and security.
We will conduct hearings according to every situation, such as "considering new introduction", "already using this service", "need to add functions during operation", etc. We can offer a wide range of proposals, from construction to solving your worries.
Security for also, payment from before payment at the time, payment until after, safe and secure payment offer environment. We also support credit card security guidelines.

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Since various payment method can be introduced at once, the convenience of mail-order and EC sites will lead to increased sales.
By unifying the contract, the deadlines and deposit dates for multiple payment can be unified *, reducing the time and effort required for deposit and withdrawal management.
Efficient operation is possible because multiple payment method and functions can be centrally managed on a single management screen.
Since we keep and manage the card information, the business operator can avoid the risk of information leakage.

* The payment form differs depending on payment method.

Security environment

payment from the previous payment until after, safe and secure payment will provide the environment.
We also support credit card security guidelines.

Fraud prevention service (Sift)
Utilizing machine learning
Fraudulent Transaction Prevention Services
Fraud prevention service (ReD Shield)
With advanced screening technology
Detect fraud
EMV 3-Dセキュア(3Dセキュア2.0)
Preventing fraud by "spoofing"
Security Code
Counterfeit card measures
Reduction of information leakage risk
chargeback compensation group insurance
fraud has occurred
Compensate for damage

Service introduction flow

Operation can be started in about 3 weeks to 2 months.

It is a period that includes application, examination, provision of production environment, and incorporation into your system.
For details and requests, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or telephone.

1. Inquiries / Request for materials

Please contact us by form or phone first. We will send you a free document that summarizes the best service for you. In addition, the person in charge will contact you as soon as possible.
In addition, you can start using the service in a minimum of 3 weeks to 2 months, including the period from application to examination, ID issuance, and incorporation into your system.
payment We also accept detailed consultations and requests regarding services. Please feel free to contact us.

You can use the test environment and download the specifications.

It is an environment where you have to carry out tests in advance before introducing the PG Multi-Payment Service We provide a set of management screens required for specifications, manuals, and various payment

2. Apply from your company

Please submit the following documents when applying.

merchant acquiring service (member store contract package service)
  • ・ PG Multi-Payment Service application
  • ・ The register of the company (copy)
  • ・ Sales product materials
  • ・ Display contents based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law
  • ・ Notification form and permit to each competent authority
  • * Some documents are not required if the web page is open to the public.
  • * Please contact our sales staff for details.
In case of direct membership contract (when there is a contract with the card company)
  • ・ PG Multi-Payment Service application

3. Our company examines and registers merchant screening

If you are using the merchant acquiring service (member store contract acquirer will conduct an examination via our company.

4. We provide the production environment

acquirer and we will send you the production environment setting contents by e-mail.

5. Connection test in production environment at your company

Please perform a connection test in a production environment.

6. Start operation at your company

Please start operation.

  • * The period until the start of operation will vary depending on the content of development at your company.
  • * When installing PayPal, some installation procedures are different. merchant screening After approval, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal, so please enter the verification code and reply. After that, the production environment will be provided.

Service operation flow

The PG Multipayment Framework is a comprehensive payment service that integrates various payment functions as a "SaaS" that realizes high-performance and easy introduction. Since we provide not only procedures such as merchant screening and contract of affiliated stores but also from actual introduction to operation in one stop, smooth payment service can be introduced.

Optional Services

GMO-PG Remittance Service
This is a service that accurately and speedily handles complicated tasks such as refund and remittances to your customers.
Early Payment Service
It is a service that allows you to select the payment cycle (the number of closings, the closing date, the due date until payment) from the following number of times and days.

Package Sevices

"Multi-Billing Package", a payment package for electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications carriers
A package that provides electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications carriers with payment method, which is ideal for regular toll collection, with "card payment," "bank transfer," and "payment slip payment." is.
Payment services for Municipalities & Public Institutions
vehicle taxes and light vehicle taxes and fixed assets tax and personal business tax and water rates and electronic application fee, facility usage charge, etc., Please leave all both single premium every month of collection. It is also ideal for storing hometown taxes and donations.
payment package for BtoB EC
payment package for BtoB EC payment method can be conveniently used in BtoB EC, such payment", "account transfer", "Bank transfer (virtual account)", and "Paid payment", which are optimal for BtoB (business-to-business). It is a package that summarizes.
"enpay", payment service for childcare facilities, educational facilities, and lessons
Childcare facilities (nursery school, child garden, kindergarten) and educational facilities, of lessons for classroom payment as a service, enpay "of the company enpay we handle."
Eliminates complicated work related to collecting money and realizes work efficiency. Billing, collection, counting, reminder, transfer, etc. are all completed enpay
* This service is operated by enpay GMO-PG payment services to enpay
JTB Book & Pay
JTB Book & Pay from JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS is available as a credit card advance payment service for accommodations.
This service allows you to payment in advance at the same time as booking your stay on the property's official website.
Cashless payment service for the real estate industry
Cashless for various payment scenes in real estate operations. It is an online payment service for the real estate industry. You can complete online procedures from the initial cost when moving in to the rental property, the payment of monthly rent and renewal fee, and the settlement of expenses when moving out. In addition, it can be used for parking fees, management expenses of condominiums, repair reserves, etc.

Over 100,000 stores * To member stores
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Aucfan Co., Ltd.
株式会社オークファン 様

Introduced PG Multi-Payment Service
We decided on your company from rational choices such as low fees, credit, and recurring payment Actual, with safety first.

Akyuraizu Co., Ltd.
有限会社あきゅらいず 様

Introduced PG Multi-Payment Service
Member ID payment that can save the card number is very convenient. Also, it was decisive to be able to make advance CVS Payment.

TeamLab Co., Ltd.
チームラボ株式会社 様

Introduced PG Multi-Payment Service
It was very easy to install. I think that the development time has been shortened because the module specifications are solid.

* As of the end of June 2021