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Overseas Remittance Service

▼ 海外送金サービスとは

* Provided in collaboration with Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd. (Funds Transfer Service Provider Company Kanto Finance Bureau Director No. 00010).

Benefits of overseas Remittance Service


By connecting with overseas banks, you can send money overseas at a low fee.
Depending on the currency and remittance amount, you can use the remittance fee free of charge.


From application to remittance instructions, you can easily use it on the WEB at any time.


Payment will also be made to the overseas recipient account within 24 hours after the remittance instruction is given.

Flow of using overseas remittance

  • Remittance information linkage… Remittance information linkage
  • payment…payment
Operation flow
  1. Remittance instructions
  2. Return result
  3. payment
  4. Remittance information transmission
    * Remittance information will be transmitted after payment
  1. money transfer
    * The order of 4 and 5 may change.
  2. money transfer

* 1 PayForex is the name of the Remittance Service provided by Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd.

Flow until service introduction

2 to 5 business days
  • 1. Providing a production environment
  • 2. Transaction valid procedure
  • 3. Submission of documents
  • 4. Examination
  • 5. Completion of account opening

[1] Application * You can apply in the name of a corporation or an individual.

Please enter your phone number or e-mail address at the dedicated URL to be linked.

[2] Transaction valid procedure

Please operate the actual transaction screen and enter your customer information or registration information.

[3] Submission of documents

The documents that need to be submitted are as follows.

For corporations

  • ・ Certificate of all current or history items (within 6 months from issuance)
  • ・ Identity verification documents for the person in charge of transactions (1 document with a photo, 2 without a photo)
  • ・ Documents that can confirm the corporate number (notification of designation of corporate number or search results of National Tax Agency corporate number publication site)

For individuals

  • ・ Two identification documents (with the current address) and one document that allows you to confirm your My Number

[4] Examination

Based on the information in [2] and [3], Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd., a partner company, will conduct an examination. Depending on the examination result, you may not be able to use the service.

[5] Account opening completed

We will send the transaction password to the transaction person's home by registered mail without forwarding.
Only after receiving this document will you be able to send money overseas.


  • ・ The overseas Remittance Service is not a GMO payment gateway service.
  • ・ Overseas remittance transactions are transactions between Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd. and customers, not GMO Payment Gateway transactions.
  • ・ For the handling of customer information by Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd., please refer to the privacy policy posted on the website of Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply

Please contact us from the inquiry screen.

How to Use

After contacting us from the inquiry screen, please submit the information necessary for use to Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd. on the web.
Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd. will conduct the examination, and if there are no defects, the examination will be completed from the day of application to the next business day.
After that, we will send you the transaction password by registered mail. You can use overseas remittance by entering the transaction password.

Do you have the necessary documents for the examination?

It is necessary to submit a certificate of all current or historical matters, identification documents of the person in charge of transactions, and documents that can confirm the corporate number.
If you are a sole proprietor, it will be a personal account. If you are a sole proprietor or an individual, you will need two documents to verify your identity and one document to verify your My Number.

How much is the fee?

1. 1. Remittance fee (fee paid to the remittance company)
Remittance fees vary depending on the remittance amount and remittance currency. Please check "List of Remittance Fees" of Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd.

2. Related bank charges (commissions paid to intermediary banks and receiving banks)
There may be a "related bank charge" for overseas remittances. The related bank fee is the fee deducted from the remittance amount at the time of deposit, not the fee for Remittance Service In addition, it may be changed without notice due to the circumstances of the related banks, and the fee may not be the same every time even if the remittance destination is the same. If you want an accurate deposit amount, please use Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd.'s "Deposit amount specification service" so that the related bank charges will not be deducted when you deposit.
Please see "About Fees" of Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd. for details of the deposit amount specification service.

How long does it take to deposit?

If you use "Speed Remittance" for some countries, the payment will be made within a few minutes at the earliest and within 24 hours at the latest from the remittance instruction.
Otherwise, it may take 1 to 3 business days.
For details on the speed Remittance Service, see "Service Overview" of Queen Bee Capital Co., Ltd.

Can I send money in any country or region?

We can send money to more than 200 countries and regions, excluding Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Syria and Russia.
However, as an exception, as a response to "regulations on the use of funds" and "regulations on payments related to trade" based on Article 17 of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, North Korea's "regulations on payments related to trade" and "regulations related to nuclear development, etc." "Regulations on the use of funds", "Regulations on the use of funds" related to Iran's nuclear development, etc. and large conventional weapons, "Not a transaction related to the USA Patriot Act" from the perspective of complying with US laws and regulations, "Anti" from the perspective of complying with Australian laws and regulations -Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 is not a transaction. " In the unlikely event that the above regulations are met, remittance will be restricted.