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▼ セキュリティソリューション

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Background of GMO-PG Providing Security Solutions

Cashless payment is being promoted as a policy of the Japan government, and the diversification of cashless payment is progressing, but Credit card payment It still dominates the weight and is growing steadily. As a result, the damage caused by non-face-to-face fraud due to theft of credit card information has remained at a high level, and leakage of credit card information from EC merchants continues to occur. Considering the cost of chargeback damage caused by fraud and damage response due to information leakage, security issues for EC-related businesses cannot be overlooked. GMO-PG provides security solutions to address these issues.

In such an environment, it is important for companies to anticipate security damage in advance and consider countermeasures. The GMO-PG, as the environment in which you are able to peace of mind to more merchants, "payment before," "payment at the time," "payment at all stages of post", offers security solutions.

Strengthening security measures for credit card transactions

Solutions that comply with credit card security guidelines *1

Credit Transaction Security Council*2 The "Credit Card Security Guidelines," which were formulated in March 2020 and have since been revised as practical guidelines for security measures, define countermeasures based on the following three themes, and GMO-PG provides solutions that comply with (1) and (2) below, which are stipulated as those that EC merchants should respond.

  • (1) Credit card information protection measures

    In addition to non-retention of credit card information at member stores, implementation of leakage prevention measures such as vulnerability countermeasures, anti-virus measures, management of administrator privileges, and device management, etc.

  • (2) Measures to fraud credit card information in EC transactions

    Multifaceted and multilayered measures for fraud by EC merchants
    Promote the introduction of fraud measures such as personal authentication such as EMV 3-D Secure by payment processing company companies, face authentication, fraud detection systems, and verification of unauthorized delivery destination databases, etc.

  • (3) Measures against fraud by preventing credit card counterfeiting (Card Present Transactions)

    Conversion of credit cards and payment terminals to ICs

*1: Positioned as a practical guideline for the obligation to take security measures stipulated in the Installment Sales Act.
If measures are taken in accordance with the guidelines, it is recognized that the countermeasures standards stipulated by the Act are satisfied.
*2: Established in March 2015 with the participation of a wide range of businesses involved in credit trading and the Ministry of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Strengthening security measures

・・・Compliance with the Installment Sales Act (Credit Card Security Guidelines)

Countermeasures against credit card information leakage

Credit Card Information Non-Retention Solution

It is a security service that can reduce the risk of information leakage by replacing the credit card number entered by the purchaser with another character string (token) to communicate payment
This is a service that uses IVR (automatic voice system) to make Credit card payment
It is a service that makes Credit card payment by using a tablet terminal dedicated payment processing that is separated from your network.
Since we provide the payment screen, you can realize payment processing without saving, processing and transmitting card information.


(GMOサイバーセキュリティ byイエラエ)

Insurance to protect against cyber risks such as credit card information leakage

情報漏えいやサイバー攻撃による事故により企業に生じた 賠償損害をはじめ、事故対応等にかかる費用損害や自社の 利益損害を包括的に補償する保険です。

Measures fraud credit cards

▼ Four specific measures stipulated in the Credit Card Security Guidelines

  • Personal authentication example)3D Secure
  • Ticket authentication example)Security Code
  • Example of attribute and behavior analysis) Fraud detection system
  • Example of delivery address information) Fraudulent address detection

Identity authentication

EMV 3-Dセキュア(3Dセキュア2.0)
This is a personal authentication service to prevent fraud due to theft of information such as credit card numbers. Each credit card company determines the risk of fraud using the cardholder's device information, etc., and requires the cardholder to enter a password if necessary to ensure the safety of the transaction.

Voucher Verification

In addition to the credit card number, this service authenticates you by asking you to enter the last 3 digits (4 digits on the front side in the case of AMEX) printed on the back of the card. You can check if you have the card.

Shipping information

Fraudulent address detection service
Fraudulent address detection service
By inquiring the purchaser information etc. in the "Unauthorized Use Destination List" held by the card company, it is possible to use it as one of the reference information when identifying whether or not the unauthorized destination is.

Attribute / behavior analysis

We provide "Sift", a fraudulent transaction prevention service that utilizes machine learning, as an Optional Services PG Multi-Payment Service
By having machine learning take charge of tuning fraudulent rules, which was conventionally done manually, it is possible to reduce costs and operational load and identify suspicious transactions.
不正防止サービス(ReD Shield)
A security service Actual in preventing fraudulent transactions around the world. By scrutinizing the "user information" and "order details" held by the member store, it is possible to identify suspicious transactions and contribute to reducing the risk of chargeback fraud

Other Credit Card fraud Solutions

It is a service that compensates for damages when fraud occurs.
If chargeback occurs, you can compensate for sales that are not paid by your credit card company.

Introduction of other security services

It is a technology that encrypts the information passed over the Internet and realizes secure communication. You can obtain the following SSL server certificate (both new application and renewal) by purchasing a coupon from us.