Option list

Face-to-face cooperation service

It is a function to link the card information processed by the card terminal of the face-to-face store with the membership number and register it in our multi-payment service.
By associating the terminal ID for face-to-face stores with the site ID of our multi-payment service, customers visiting the face-to-face store
The member ID (card information and member number) will be stored in our multi-payment service.

Benefits of face-to-face collaboration service

Shopper of face-to-face store card payment after, as well as member registration, there is no need to re-card registration in the EC site side, you can purchase in the existing member ID (※) it is.
It is also possible to register the card with a terminal at a face-to-face store and recurring payment (*) using payment system (non-face-to-face payment
Since we provide face-to-face terminals that comply with the PCI-PTS standard, it is possible to realize "non-holding" of card information in accordance with credit card security guidelines.
* To use the member ID function, you need to use our multi-payment service (Standard or Advanced plan).

Face-to-face cooperation service flow (at the time of card member registration)

Face-to-face cooperation service flow (at the time of card member registration)

Available face-to-face device brands

  • VEGA, ingenico, J-Mups, Anywhere, NEC (SHOP CRAID)
    * For details on the product name and version of each terminal, please contact our sales staff.

Precautions for face-to-face cooperation service

  • contract with face-to-face stores can register with our multi-payment service. Face-to-face contract you in contract credit card brands that are not will be unable to use this service.
  • Both face-to-face payment and non-face-to-face payment merchants contract are required. In addition, Credit card payment terminal / use of multi-payment service contract is also required.
  • To use this service, you will need a "face-to-face terminal ID". Please check in advance and cooperate with us.
  • The services handled for this face-payment and non-face-to-face payment must be the same. This service cannot be used if the service products are different.
  • The member ID / number numbering method ("automatic or optional") must be the same. Please do not make a mistake in both service settings.