PG Multi-Payment Service

Rakuten Pay online payment

Rakuten Pay online payment

▼ 楽天ペイ(オンライン決済)とは


① Reachable to about 100 million Rakuten members

Approximately 70% of Rakuten members who use Rakuten Pay online payment have a good member ratio *1.
We will contribute to the acquisition of new customers who are highly motivated to purchase online.
*1 Gold members or more. Learn more about rankings (

② Improvement of conversion rate

Increase conversion rate with payment This will lead to the acquisition of new customers who are currently leaving.
* It is also possible to use Rakuten Pay (online payment) and Rakuten Pay (online payment) V2 payment data after registering as a member of each EC site.

③ Increased purchase unit price and number of purchases

Since Rakuten Super Points can be used by users when making purchases on your website, you can expect to increase your purchasing motivation and increase the purchase unit price and the number of purchases.

Operation flow

Flow from purchase to payment to member stores

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
Rakuten Pay online payment operation flow
  1. Purchase
  2. payment processing (Merchant site → GMO-PG)
  3. payment processing (GMO-PG → Rakuten Pay)
  4. Authentication information (URL) issuance (Rakuten Pay → GMO-PG)
  5. Return payment
  1. Authentication screen display
    (Merchant site → End user)
  2. Authentication process (end user → Rakuten Pay)
  3. payment completion notification (Rakuten Pay → GMO-PG)
  4. payment completion notification (GMO-PG → member store site)
    * Only for using the result notification program
  5. Service delivery
  1. Deposit (Rakuten Pay → Merchant)

Important point

・ If you process an order on the Rakuten side management screen, it will not be reflected in this service, so please be sure to process it from this service.

・ Available payment amount is "100 yen ~ / case".