Online infrastructure of payments "fincode byGMO", add "Bank transfer (Virtual Account)" to payment method
~Streamlining the payment clearing process that places a burden on businesses with a dedicated account for each transaction~

April 23, 2024

GMO Epsilon, Inc.

GMO Epsilon, Inc. (President & Chief Executive Officer: Tomoyuki Murakami, hereinafter referred to as "GMO Epsilon"), a consolidated company of GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "GMO-PG") in the GMO Internet Group, will add "Bank transfer (Virtual Account)" to the payment method of "fincode byGMO", an online infrastructure of payments for startups to succeed from Monday, April 22, 2024. added.
Businesses that have introduced "fincode byGMO" will be able to accept payment using "Bank transfer (Virtual Account)" with an API integrated with credit cards, CVS Payment, etc. (*1). fincode byGMO" is not only a system aspect, but also a screening and contract necessary for the introduction of payment method We provide one-stop support for everything from surrounding procedures to operational aspects such as settlement of sales proceeds.

  • (*1) Compatible payment method are credit cards, CVS Payment, PayPay, Apple Pay, Account transfer, and Bank transfer (Virtual Account). More will be added from time to time. (As of April 23, 2024)

Online infrastructure of payments" fincode byGMO", add "Bank transfer (Virtual Account)" to payment method

【Background and Summary】

Many startups in Japan are working on business growth with a high sense of speed with limited personnel. Therefore, payment features that are not the core of a service or product are required to be "quick to deploy," "easy to implement," and "simple pricing." Against this backdrop, GMO Epsilon has been providing "fincode byGMO," an online infrastructure of payments that solves startups' payment field issues, since May 2022, by leveraging the knowledge and development capabilities in payment that GMO-PG has cultivated as a group.
" fincode byGMO" is regularly updated according to the current trends while actively incorporating the business needs of companies that have introduced it, mainly startups, and the voices of engineers, and has now added "Bank transfer (Virtual Account)" as a new payment method.
Bank transfer, which transfers the payment price directly to the merchant's bank account, can be selected as a payment method for e-commerce purchases as soon as the buyer has a bank account, so there is a certain need Bank transfer, especially for buyers who do not have a credit card or do not want to use a credit card. The business side will have to match the buyer's payment information and order information one by one, and delete it from the payment waiting list. In some cases, the name of the purchaser and the transferee are different, and as the number of orders increases and the business grows, the work of reconciling the payment has become a burden on the business.

[About the "Bank transfer (Virtual Account)" in "fincode byGMO"]

With the "Bank transfer (Virtual Account)" added by GMO Epsilon, a virtual account (virtual account) is assigned to each transaction, so the account is linked one-to-one with the transaction, making the deposit clearing process more efficient. Therefore, even if the name of the transferee is different from that of the purchaser, it can be easily identified.
In addition, when the purchaser executes the transfer procedure, the system automatically switches the transfer-only account to a suspended state, which prevents double transfers due to operational errors on the buyer's side, and reduces the risk of unknown deposits and refund correspondence to the purchaser.
In addition to e-commerce businesses, businesses that handle products and services for BtoB can also improve their operational efficiency by using "Bank transfer (Virtual Account)" instead of conventional Bank transfer and cash collection.

【About "fincode byGMO"】


"fincode byGMO" is an online infrastructure of payments that helps startups grow. Not only does it solve the payment field challenges that arise before and after the launch of a new service, but it also seamlessly delivers the scaled value required as the business phase evolves.
In the PMF (*2) phase, it is possible to implement payment with a short lead time by providing a test environment immediately, prompt web review, and SDK (*3) and UI components (*4) that reduce development man-hours.
In addition, in the growth phase, REST APIs (*5) and other extended functions will be used to support the "next step" of the introducer, such as "support for unique payment flows," "addition of payment method to expand users," "addition of subscription plans," and "expansion to a platform-based business model."
By providing these functions with no initial or monthly costs, and a fee structure that minimizes "hidden costs" such as account maintenance fees and transfer fees, we reduce the burden of cost management for operators who have introduced the service and provide an environment where they can concentrate on the growth of their services.

  • *2 Abbreviation for Product Market Fit.
  • *3 Abbreviation for Software Development Kit. fincode byGMO provides a library that makes it easy to incorporate APIs.
  • *4 A function that generates and provides a credit card information input form.
  • *5 Abbreviation for Representational State Transfer API. fincode byGMO allows you to work with data such as payment and subscriptions through a resource-oriented and easy-to-understand REST API.

【About GMO Epsilon, Inc.】

GMO Epsilon offers two payment processing services, "Epsilon by GMO" and "fincode byGMO," which are used by 43,171 e-commerce businesses as of the end of December 2023, and have initial costs and transaction processing fees (*6). It's free to use. fincode byGMO is an online payment service for startups designed to meet a variety of business needs. It enables rapid deployment of payment systems and is ideal for E-commerce, as well as platform and subscription business models.
In addition, in order to support the smooth cash flow of e-commerce businesses, we also provide finance-related services such as the sales-linked business card "Cycle by GMO" and lending and Remittance Service.
TSE As a consolidated company of GMO Payment Gateway, a prime listed company, we provide an environment where you can use it with peace of mind with PrivacyMark certification and security standards that comply with PCI DSS and ISMS.

  • *6 Transaction processing fee is a fee charged for each communication with a credit card company for credit card authorization (acquisition of an authorization number) and billing.
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