Payment Services

▼ Services provided by GMO Payment Gateway

GMO Payment Gateway offers a wide range of services, including “PG Multi-Payment Service” to let you choose various online payment solutions, “Online Advertising Services” to provide support in acquiring new customers and increasing sales, and “Global Payment Services” to lead you to successful global expansion.

PG Multi-Payment Service

PG Multi-Payment Service

PG Multi-Payment Service is the comprehensive payment platform that offers various online payment solutions, including credit card payment and convenience store payment. This enables merchants to enhance the efficiency of their operations and eliminate cumbersone settlement-related work by realigning the settlement dates and payment dates of various payment methods(*) and through a one-stop management of the payment methods and functions. By using this service you can easily manage the cash flow and increase efficiency of your operations. A wide range of our payment solutions can respond to your various needs.

(*) The flow of settlement may differ depending on the type of payment method.

GMO Payment After Delivery

GMO Payment After Delivery

“GMO Payment After Delivery” is an online payment service that allows your customers to pay for the order after receiving it.
We issue invoices and collect money on your behalf, thus eliminating your risks of uncollected payments.
GMO Payment After Delivery can be used together with the Credit Card Payment method.

GMO Smart Shiharai

Ginko Pay Base System

Ginko Pay is a mobile phone payment service linked to bank account. GMO-PG aims to support regional revitalization by providing this new payment method that takes advantage of the “penetration of smartphone” and the “edge of bank.” Under Ginko Pay, financial institutions provide a smartphone payment service to their account holders and institutional clients, based on smartphone payment system GMO-PG offers as an OEM (or as an ASP.)


GMO B2B Early Payment

You can transfer your receivables to GMO Payment Gateway to turn it into your capital earlier.


GMO B2B AR Guarantee

In the event of an overdue or default payment of your receivables on the side of your customer, GMO-PG pays a guarantee to cover it.



We sell SSL Coupons to provide you with a beneficial discount when applying for or renewing a SSL Certification.

By encrypting transferred data, SSL enables to prevent the leakage of private information, including credit card numbers and passwords, and thus, eliminates customers’ concerns regarding the safety and reliability of your E-commerce website.

Global Payment Service / Overseas expansion suppor

Payment Services for Global Expansion

We offer various Payment Services to lead you to successful global expansion.

- “Multi-Currency Credit Card Payment” that allows the deposit of overseas sales in Yen as in case of domestic sales.

- “Alipay”which is widely used in China;

- “ Payment” that allows to implement various payment solutions, commonly used in Asia at a high speed and low costs.

Online Advertising Service

GMO-PG Processing Platform

“GMO-PG Processing Platform” provides various payment solutions that help financial institutions or financial service providers start payment-related services by enabling payment infrastructure building in short time, at low cost and with ease. Services covered under this comprehensive platform assist you with issuing debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards and house cards as well as merchant businesses that require functions of contract management, settlement and card transactions.

Online Advertising Service

Online Advertising Services

In order to support you in acquiring customers and increasing your sales, we provide various advertising-related services, such as listing advertisement with “Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads” and “Google Adwords”, Facebook Advertising Service, and Google Analytics Consulting Service.
As a payment service provider, we are able to provide online advertising and analysis while monitoring the actual product sales. Currently, more than 250 companies are merchants using our services.