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PG Multi-Payment Service

【Payment Services】
A comprehensive payment system for mail-order and E-commerce sites. It allows your customers to select the required payment method from a wide variety of methods including credit card payment, convenience store payment, etc.

Online Advertising Service

【Online Advertising Services】
GMO-PG utilizes its unique capabilities as a payment service provider to implement web promotions for increasing sales. We will propose a wide range of strategies, including Listing Ads with a focus on Yahoo!, Google AdWords, and SNS. Payment

【Global Payment Services】 Payment enables one-stop implementation of the most frequently-used payment services in Asian countries, making it the optimal service for overseas expansion.


【Global Payment Services】
Uses Alipay, China’s one of the largest online payment services, to support E-commerce business in the Chinese market.

Opinions & Requests

Please contact GMO-PG regarding any opinions or requests for our company, or for any other issue.