PG Multi-Payment Service

PG Multi-Payment Service is a comprehensive payment platform that offers various online payment methods, such as credit card payment and convenience store payment.

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Services provided by GMO Payment Gateway
Services provided by GMO Payment Gateway

▼ For E-commerce Operator (B2B and B2C)

Payment Services

Online Payment Processing Services
PG Multi-Payment Service
Payment Package for B2B E-commerce
Payment Package for Municipalities & Public Institutions
Transfer service for physical stores
GMO Payment After Delivery
Applying for Test Environment
Overseas Expansion
Cross-border E-commerce Services through Outsourcing
Cross-border E-commerce Payment Methods
Local Payment Methods ( Payment)

Value-added Services

Financial Support
Early Payment Service
Remittance Service (Japanese lauguage only)
GMO B2B Early Payment
GMO B2B AR Guarantee
Transaction Lending (Japanese lauguage only)
Online Advertising Service
Sales Increase Services
Online Advertising Service Seminar

Security Solutions

Security / Insurance
Security Solutions
Action Plan 2018
Chargeback Compensation Group Insurance (Japanese lauguage only)
SSL Coupon

▼ For Bank and Financial Institution

Ginko Pay
Smartphone Payment Service Linked with Bank Accounts
Processing Service
Support for building card payment infrastructure

Installation cases
Services provided by GMO Payment Gateway

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Inquiries/request for materials

Inquiries/request for materials
Inquiries/request for materials