Security / Compliance

Security compliance

ISO 27001 certification has been acquired for all business locations, and accordingly we offer outstanding information security.

We have acquired certification for all business locations for the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Japanese standard JIS Q 27001:2014) that is the certification standard for third-party certified ISMS (information security management system) and serves as the global standard for information security management.

We deliver a peace of mind to all of our customers through our full compliance with industry security standards.

The Company’s services are fully compliant with the global security standard PCI DSS Ver3.2.1 for the credit card industry that was jointly formulated by five international credit card companies (JCB, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA).

We deliver secure credit card payments and a peace of mind to all of our customers.

Information Security Policy


The Information Security Policy stipulates the basic policy towards information security at GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. for the purpose of protecting information assets including the personal information of the Company and the personal information of customers and business partners that is retained by the Company.

Personal Information and Specific Personal Information Protection Policy


The Company contributes to society as a company that creates added value in credit card payment so that we can offer businesses and satisfy consumers with comprehensive payment processing services that include credit card payment, convenience store payment, E-money, and Pay-easy that can be used securely and conveniently in an aim to become the payment process infrastructure for Japan. As part of these efforts, the Company views the protection of personal information to be the most important issue in its corporate activities, and it recognizes working towards the appropriate handling and safety management of information as one of its important social responsibilities.

Handling of personal information and specific personal information


GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. has stipulated a policy towards the handling of personal information provided by stakeholders so that people can securely use the Company’s services.

Financial Instruments Solicitation Policy

The Agency has stipulated the following solicitation policy for financial products based on the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments.

  1. The Agency complies with the Insurance Act, Insurance Business Act, the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Consumer Contract Act, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and other various related laws and regulations, and endeavors to conduct appropriate product sales.
  2. To ensure that customers have a full understanding of products, the Agency is devoted to gaining knowledge and diligent study as it endeavors to offer explanations and descriptions that are easy-to-understand through means such as creative explanation description methods.
  3. The Agency works to offer explanations and descriptions in accordance with the intentions and circumstance of customers so that customers can select appropriate products in overall consideration of factors including the customer’s knowledge of the product, experience, status of their assets, and the purpose of the purchase.
  4. The Agency endeavors to offer adequate explanations and descriptions of the risk involved for investment products that can be greatly affected by market fluctuations.
  5. The Agency gives sufficient consideration to factors including the time, location, and method for the sale of products from the perspective of customers.
  6. The Agency appropriately handles and strictly manages information regarding customers.
  7. The Agency works to incorporate the opinions, requests, etc. of customer into the provision of products.
  8. In the case of an insured event, the Agency endeavors to provide appropriate advice regarding claims for insurance benefits.
  9. The Agency endeavors to conduct appropriate sales of products through means such as stipulating appropriate amounts for sums insured from the perspective of preventing insurance benefits from being acquired fraudulently.

Insurance agency: GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.