Payment connects the future

We will continue to create new values
for payment solutions to enrich our lives.

Our Story

We are the leading company listed on the
First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

We were founded in 1995, starting with providing credit card payment processing to mail order services.

Following later, with the spread of online shopping with the advent of Internet, we expanded to provide online payment services and have supported Japan’s EC (E-Commerce) market growth as the leading company in the payment processing industry.


We have grown to provide comprehensive payment-related and financial services to over 150,000 merchants including public institutions such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, National Tax Agency and NHK in addition to the online operators of web-based shops. With our core payment service, our transaction value has exceeded ¥6.4 trillion (GMO Payment Gateway consolidated companies, as of end-December, 2020) by broadening to provide value-added services that enhance the merchant’s growth.

As a result, we have achieved an over-20% CAGR profit growth since the IPO in 2005 and have continuously increased dividends and sales and profits. Our current goal aims to achieve an over-25% CAGR operating profit growth.

We believe that the source of the growth is the growth of each staff member, and our personnel training not only emphasizes knowledge and technology but also mental and personal development. A sustainable growth of our business activities can only be realized when the all the staff members’ vectors are aligned.

As a company undertaking the critical network of payment, we will pursue our businesses by earnestly working to enrich the world and growing together with our customers.

Our growth strategy will be deployed to continue our “over-25% CAGR operating profit growth” while undertaking the necessary annual capital expenditure and development investment.

To enhance our growth strategy, we will make inroads to new markets to enable payment in new areas such as inter-company transactions, payment of utility bills and taxes, similar to the online payments available for online shopping. We will also promote cashless payment by offering solutions to support the build out of payment infrastructures by financial institutions.

Furthermore, we will expand the scope of business into payment business in the offline market including IoT and offering Fintech services such as global lending of growth capital and Deferred Payment.

We will further strengthen our global business through loans and investments into global companies as well as providing payment services by establishing local corporate entities in 5 locations overseas as well as by incorporating overseas companies into our Group.

To create new value in payment
by constantly looking out into the future
and swiftly adapting to the age of
unforeseen speed of changes

P-Mark Certification
GMO Payment Gateway has acquired P-Mark certification.
The services of GMO Payment Gateway are PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliant.
All business premises of GMO Payment Gateway have acquired ISO/IEC.