GMO B2B AR Guarantee

GMO B2B AR Guarantee

▼ GMO B2B AR Guarantee

In the event of an overdue or default payment of your receivables on the side of your customer, GMO-PG pays a guarantee to cover it.

Characteristics of GMO B2B AR Guarantee

1. Our high creditworthiness

We are listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Using our service should give you a great relief.

2. Convenience

We do not notify your customer of your application/usage of our service during or after our examination.

3. Speed

You can immediately benefit from our service after passing our examination.

*You need to pass the examinations of GMO Payment Gateway to use the service. Therefore, you may not be able to use the service depending on its results.

Advantages for you

1. Reduction of credit management work

You can reduce credit management work such as negotiation of advance payment and dunning.

2. Mitigation of overdue/default risk

GMO Payment Gateway guarantees the collection of your account receivable. You can mitigate the risk of failing to collect it due to bankruptcy or payment delay by your customer, etc.

3. Expansion of new businesses

You can close a contract with your customer, etc. with a relief even when it exceeds your credit limit.

The flow of GMO B2B AR Guarantee

The flow of GMO B2B AR Guarantee