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Customer :

CCC Frontier Co., Ltd.

* From left: Mr. Okabe, Director, Mr. Ueda, Senior Manager, Sales Department

This time, CCC Frontier, who had a problem in utilizing data between EC and stores (POS), implemented marketing measures to link EC and POS. GMO Payment Gateway helped to create a dashboard that allows field staff to analyze data.
We asked Mr. Okabe, Director of CCC Frontier, and Mr. Ueda, Senior Manager of Sales Department, about the process leading up to the realization.

Industry: Smartphone accessory sales EC / retail

Service used:GMO-PG Online Advertising Service

Introduction site: UNiCASE

This article was published in August 2019.

Excel management could not be linked to data utilization

He has had many discussions as a partner.

A dashboard that is visual and easy for field staff to use

The biggest benefit of introducing dashboards is that the data is now visualized. This made it easy for staff who are not very good at tools to use. In fact, it has been well received by store staff, and people are saying that it is more visual and easier to use than the previous Excel.
We also manage stores on the head office side, but we believe that we will not be able to generate sales that match the actual situation unless the people at the stores who know the site take the initiative. However, I don't want to touch it as a difficult tool to use. Now that we have introduced a dashboard that anyone can use visually, I thought that we could use the data to think about marketing such as measures for each store.


Considering horizontal expansion to product development and purchasing

In the future, we are planning to utilize data analysis not only for improving stores but also for developing original products. The know-how cultivated in smartphone cases should be able to be utilized in other fields as well, so I would like to expand the business domain beyond the existing product lineup.
In addition, "UNiCASE" also selects products from other manufacturers, but what kind of customers are the products sold to the manufacturers, and what kind of sales will be done with "UNiCASE"? I think that it can be used for purchasing because it will be possible to provide information on. Now that you can see the movement of products on your notebook PC even when you are out, it seems that you will be able to make useful proposals even at your business location. I hope that it will be available on mobile phones in the future.

Expect a wide range of support in the future, including global expansion

  • CCC Frontier Co., Ltd.

    CCC Frontier, which operates Japan's largest smartphone accessory mail order site "UNiCASE" and has a total of 14 directly managed stores in Japan and overseas as well as EC. It features a wide product lineup of more than 50,000 items, and has a long history of operating since the days when smartphone accessories were scarce.
    In addition, we are able to develop a wide range of businesses by collaborating with group companies such as CCC Frontier Design, which plans and designs products, and CCC Frontier Lab, which develops EC site systems and POS cash registers.

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