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payment only tablet terminal

▼ What is a payment only tablet terminal?
payment only tablet terminal (hereinafter referred to as a dedicated terminal) is a terminal dedicated Credit card payment information input that only allows access to the payment
By using a dedicated line between GMO-PG and Japan Communication Inc. (* 1), regarding card information input using this tablet terminal, the card information presented by the Japan Credit Association will be "non-retained (* 2)". Can be realized.

(※2)加盟店が保有する機器・ネットワークにおいて、 消費者のクレジットカード情報(カード会員名・カード番号・有効期限等)を「保存」「処理」「通過」しないこと。

Tablet terminal

Service flow using a dedicated terminal

payment only tablet terminal data flow

Features of dedicated terminal

  • non-retention of card information credit card information

    By inputting credit card information, which was previously input directly to a PC, using a dedicated terminal, it is possible to realize "non-holding".

  • Introduction with reduced cost and development

    Among non-retention solutions, it can be introduced at a relatively low cost and speedily without major development or changes in business content.

  • Realization of a secure environment

    We will realize a secure environment by utilizing network connection, SIM and device authentication, and MDM management technology by Japan Communication Inc., which is a pioneer of the MVNO business.

Business usage situations

  • Call center / telephone orders

    When you receive an order over the phone, you can realize the non-retention of credit card information.

  • Postcard / FAX / Email orders

    When accepting orders by postcard / fax / email with the credit card number, you can realize non-retention of credit card information.

We hold seminars to explain credit card security guidelines and the above products.

In the GMO Payment Gateway, payment not only seminars on, security measures and, we have implemented know-how for the overseas expansion, the marketing support seminars in various themes, such as seminars for the sales improvement.