PG Multi-Payment Service

Partner Programs

Partner Programs Referral-type Sales Partner" that introduces member stores (customers) to us, and the Agency-type Sales Partner payment processing services as an agency. We also flexibly respond to partner rewards.


Referral-type Sales Partner

It is mainly prepared as a scheme for system companies. Partner companies only introduce member stores (customers), and we will handle all sales / support / accounting related operations. According to the introduction, your referral fee payment will Tashi.

Agency-type Sales Partner

This scheme is for mall operators and businesses that provide ASPs. We will provide the partition price to our partners. In addition, partners will receive primary sales / support support.

Differences between contract

item Referral-type Sales Partner Agency-type Sales Partner
Target Suitable for system companies Suitable for mall operators and ASP operators
Support business Our company Primary reception at your company
Claim Direct billing from our company to member stores (customers) Charge your company for system usage in a lump sum
payment Direct payment from our company to member stores (customers) Direct payment from our company to member stores (customers)
Partner revenue Please contact us separately Please contact us separately