Industry-specific payment packages

Multi-Billing Package
(Package for electricity, gas, water, communication, etc.)

▼ What is a Multi-Billing Package (package for electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, etc.)?
Multi-billing package (package for electricity, gas, water, communications, etc.) is a "card payment" that is ideal for collecting regular usage charges for electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications carriers. This is a package that provides payment methods for Account transfer and "payment slip payment" in one place.

Optimal payment methods for monthly payments: card payment, account transfer, and payment slip paymentBulk Providing Images

Features of "Multi-Billing Package (package for electricity, gas, water, communication, etc.)"

1) "Credit card payment", "Account transfer", "Payment slip payment" Bulk provision of payment methods

"Credit card payment" is indispensable for payment of electricity, gas, water, communications, etc. Since the three payment methods of "Account transfer" and "payment slip payment" are provided at once, businesses can use GMO-PG andYou can use these payment methods just by signing a contract.
In addition, complicated tasks that occur for each payment method, such as billing processing and management, and unification of billing formats, can be performed on a single management screen, reducing the workload of employees.

2) Payment can be made without touching card information / account information

"Credit card payment" and "Account transfer" require consumers to enter their credit card information and account information. Since GMO-PG replaces the consumer's credit card information and account information with tokens (random alphanumeric character strings) and performs payment processing, the business operator does not touch the credit card information / account information (= "processing", "transmission", "retention") paymentIt will be possible.

3) Consumer applications are compatible with both the Web and paper

Consumer payment methods are compatible with both online and paper applications. In some cases, non-face-to-face payment services are only compatible with the Web, but by using this service, it is possible to reach consumers who do not use the Internet.

4) Billing date can be set according to your needs

"Credit card payment" "Account transferBusinesses are required to bill consumers who continue to pay on a case-by-case basis. This service allows you to flexibly set the billing date for consumers, so you can build a business flow that meets the needs of the business operator.

5) Customizable deposit cycle

Since GMO-PG unifies the payment of fees collected from consumers by each payment method, businesses can use "Credit card payment" and "Account transferThis allows you to set the deposit cycle that best suits your company's cash flow needs, and it is possible to significantly shorten the deposit date, such as "daily closing" and "payment after 2 business days".