Industry-specific payment packages

Payment service Payment services for Municipalities & Public Institutions

▼ 自治体・公共機関向け決済サービスとは

You can use it to solve such problems.

  • ・ Supports pay-as-you-go, one-time payments, and regular continuous payments
  • ・ User convenience is improved and tax collection rate can be expected to improve.
  • ・ payment reminder work can be reduced and work efficiency can be improved.
  • ・ Can be introduced at low cost and in a short period of time
  • ・ I want to create an environment where taxpayers can donate at any time
  • ・ I want to reduce the cost of sending transfer forms

Service overview

Pay each time

It is suitable for payment, which occurs irregularly such as "facility usage charge" and "hometown tax payment".

One-time payment


Regular recurring payment

It is suitable for payment such as "water and sewage charges," "assets tax," and "childcare charges."