Industry-specific payment packages

JTB Book & Pay

JTB Book & Pay from JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS is available as a credit card advance payment service for accommodations.

▼ What is JTB Book & Pay?
This is a service that enables payment at the same time as booking an accommodation on the official website of the accommodation facility.

* This service is operated by JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS Company. GMO-PG provides payment services to JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS companies.
* For inquiries other than payment introduction, please contact JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS directly.
■ JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS Company Contact: Inquiry Form (External Site)

Features of JTB Book & Pay

JTB Book & Pay is a pre-payment service that contract (* 1).

※ 1 arrange travel contract and is, commissioned by travel company of travelers, so that travelers can receive the provision of services such as transportation and accommodation facilities, travelers of agency-mediated or agency of the contract. Although it is an arranged travel contract, there is no customer transfer fee.

Accepted credit cards

Benefits of JTB Book & Pay

Four benefits are created by the "arranged travel contract

Settlement without hassle based on the date of stay

By paying based on the date of stay, there is no need for advances received refund processing at the time of cancellation.

Cancellation fee such as last minute cancellation
Automatic collection

A cancellation fee will be charged even if there is a last-minute cancellation or no show.

chargeback * 2 Risk compensation

We will compensate for chargeback fraud by a third party such as spoofing.

*2 Compensation for chargeback is covered by JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS companies.

Advantages unique to the JTB Group

We offer payment fees unique to the JTB Group that makes use of arranged travel contract

Other useful features

  • -Email link payment payment URL to the reservation person's email address, it is a function that can guide reservations made by phone or email to advance payment
  • ・ Up to 4 deposits per month: Deposits up to 4 times per month in a short-term settlement cycle
  • ・ Supports multiple languages: Supports English, Korean, and Chinese (traditional / simplified)
  • ・ Supports reservations 360 days in advance: Early reservations and payment are possible

Connectable accommodation reservation system

The reservation system that can be connected to JTB Book & Pay is as follows

  • Direct in
    Dynatech Co., Ltd.
  • 489pro
    Abilib Co., Ltd.
  • Optima
    Swais Co., Ltd.
  • 489ban
    Cadish Co., Ltd.
  • E-concierge / accom mod
    Tap Co., Ltd.
  • Tabi Tora
    Tabito Co., Ltd.
  • Reserve gate
    Navac Co., Ltd.
  • RJ-win
    Hospitality Alliance Co., Ltd.
  • Tenawan
    Tenawan Co., Ltd.
  • yadvance
    Space key Co., Ltd.
  • e ~ Guest
    Welcom Co., Ltd.

Flow until introduction

Step1. Contact us

Please contact JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS. The company will send you a system usage application form and terms and conditions.

Step2. Submit application form

It takes about 30 days to start using the service.

Step3. Notification of system opening

JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS will contact you once the reservation system is connected to JTB Book & Pay.

Step4. Start using

Please register a plan that accompanies credit card reservation payment and make effective use of JTB Book & Pay.