Option list

▼ Option list

PG Multi-Payment Service options that you can choose according to your business needs.
Early Payment Service" that allows you to set a deposit cycle and operate the EC site without worrying about cash flow, Remittance Service" that speedily handles operations such as refund and remittances, daily There is transaction Lending" that does not require collateral or joint guarantee based on Actual

Early Payment Service

Early Payment Service is a service that allows EC operators to freely select the deposit cycle of "number of closings", "closing date", and "date until payment". Businesses that have a contract PG Multi-Payment Service (representative member store service) can use it.

GMO-PG Remittance Service

The GMO-PG Remittance Service is a service that accurately and speedily handles complicated operations such as refund and remittances to business customers.
Not only can the business be streamlined, but the recipient's account information once entered is stored by us, reducing the risk of the business operator. In addition, it is possible to reduce the transfer fee compared to financial institution

GMO-PG transaction Lending

It is a loan service that does not require collateral or joint guarantee based on Actual which can only be done by GMO Payment Gateway, which provides a comprehensive payment

Face-to-face cooperation service

It is a function to link the card information processed by the card terminal of the face-to-face store with the membership number and register it in our multi-payment service.
By linking the terminal ID for the face-to-face store to the site ID of our multi-payment service, the member ID (card information and membership number) of the customer who visits the face-to-face store is stored in our multi-payment service.