Redirect (link) type

▼ What is a redirect (link) type?
Since the payment screen during the payment procedure, the member store can realize payment (non-retention of card information *) without touching sensitive information such as the card number.
In addition, the settings are PG Multi-Payment Service management screen, and it is possible to implement a management screen that is simpler and easier to see than the conventional link type, such as the screen automatic adjustment function according to the purchaser's device.
Link Type Plus is PG Multi-Payment Service system connection method link type.

* Non-retention of card information means that consumer credit card information (card member name / card number / expiration date, etc.) is not stored, processed, or passed through the equipment / network owned by the member store.

Main features of Link Type Plus

  • payment screen can be set on the management screen in a short time and with simple operations.
  • payment screen" design that can be selected from 24 types of design templates
  • ・ Multilingual support (Japanese / English / Chinese (simplified))
  • ・ Automatic optimization of multiple devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets (responsive design)
  • ・ Supports payment method such as Credit card payment, CVS Payment and carrier payment
    In the future, we plan to support a wide range of payment method payment

* Design templates and the number of supported languages will be added one by one. In addition, we will install functions that are highly convenient for EC businesses, such as the ability to change payment

Screen image (purchaser's payment screen)

8 types of color patterns

Color pattern

Easy generation payment screens in various colors just by selecting a template

Color: black / nature / yellow / pink / skyblue / bluegray / blue / greengray

Selectable display method

■ Pull-down type
■ Button type
■ Swipe type (◎ on smartphone screen)

payment method can also be selected according to the design device

Screen image (setting screen of member store)

PG Multi-Payment Service management screen "link type Plus" setting screen

On the Settings tab, select display settings, payment settings, and guidance email settings / enter wording

PG Multi-Payment Service management screen "link type Plus" setting screen
  1. Others > Link type Plus
  1. Set various parameters on the settings tab
  1. Select or enter words

Redirect (link) type function comparison

Traditional link type Link type Plus
Of the template
Need Not required
design payment method x 4 types of devices
(PC, DoCoMo, au, SoftBank)
24 types of designs
Device compatible PC, mobile PCs, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.
Layout automatic adjustment according to each device
Language support Japanese
(Partially available in English)
Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified)
Corresponding payment method payment method provided by PG Multi-Payment Service (excluding some) Credit card, convenience store, 3 carrier payment, Epos simple payment, multi-currency credit card (DCC), FamiPay, LINE Pay, Merpay, Pay-easy, Rakuten Pay, PayPay
* Scheduled to be added sequentially

* With Link Type Plus, you can customize the shop name, shop logo image, transaction details (summary, explanation), color pattern (8 colors, scheduled to be added sequentially), payment method payment method method from the management screen. It is possible (individually specified when generating the payment