Condo Pay byGMO

Condo Pay byGMO

Condo Pay byGMO

▼ What is Condo Pay byGMO?

This is a payment service in which we pay the product price in advance based on the concept of "buy now and pay now".
All smartphone users * can instantly make payment because it can be used only by authenticating the mobile phone number and email address.
The purchaser will be billed for one month's usage in a lump sum around the 1st of the following month, and will be available at the convenience store by the end of the month at payment.
--At the time of purchaser payment, we will charge a fee specified by us.
--We will pay the product price in advance regardless of the payment status of the purchaser.
--Credit judgment will be performed for each purchaser's order.

* Only if you have passed the examination prescribed by our company.

The above inquiry form is for business operators only.
For general consumers (purchasers), please check the help page that summarizes frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Condo Pay byGMO

[Purchaser benefits]

  • 1. You can complete your shopping as soon as you want

    No cash on hand is required and the purchase will be completed on the spot.

  • 2. Available to all smartphone users without any prior preparation

    No membership registration or application download is required, and it can be used by all telecommunications carrier users including MVNOs.

  • 3. payment will be made at the end of the following month

    Your payment is up to the end of the next month buy now pay later in addition to be a, we summarize the purchase price of one month (all merchants partial sum) payment you can.
    ・ How to use guide Here
    ・ Frequently asked questions Here

[Advantages of member stores]

  • 1. Providing payment for all non-credit card users
  • 2. Realization of high purchase rate due to the above purchaser merits

Operation flow

We will make a credit check for each order and pay the sales price in advance to the member stores.
payment the purchase price for one month at the convenience store by the end of the following month.

  • Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification… Purchase information, payment number, payment completion notification
  • payment…payment
Operation flow
  1. Purchase / use
  2. payment request
  3. SMS / email authentication (GMO-PG → purchaser)
  4. SMS / email authentication (purchaser → GMO-PG)
  5. Credit result return / sales advance payment (GMO-PG → member store)
  6. Service / product provision
  1. Billing (GMO-PG → Purchaser)
  2. payment (Purchaser → Convenience store)
  3. Deposit sales (convenience store → GMO-PG)

Flow of use by the purchaser

The flow of use by the purchaser is as follows.
From the list of payment method Condo Pay and enter your mobile phone number to start authentication.
If you enter the verification code sent to each SMS and email, the credit check will be performed (about 1 second).
credit check, your shopping will be completed.

Payment information will be sent to the purchaser by SMS and email around the 1st of the month following your purchase.
The purchaser will be required to pay at the convenience store by the last day of the payment information receipt month (the end of the month following the purchase).

In addition, it may be possible to design to skip the second and subsequent certifications, so please contact us.

Step.1 Shopping
Flow of use by the purchaser
Step.2 payment
Flow of use by the purchaser

Flow until service introduction

About 1 to 2 months
  • 1. Providing a production environment
  • 2. Examination
  • 3. Examination

1. Application

Please submit the application form (representative seal required).
We will provide a test environment at the required timing, so please check the connection and operation.

2. Examination

Based on the information in [1], we will conduct an examination.
Depending on the examination result, our service may not be available.

3. Providing a production environment

We will provide the production environment as soon as our examination is completed.