Twitter ad operation agency service

Improve advertising results through professional operations.

Twitter ad operation agency service

Three points of Twitter ad

3 reasons to recommend

  • Twitter's unique targeting
    Twitter's unique targeting

    By targeting according to the user's behavior linked to interests, it is possible to approach the layer that cannot be appealed by other media.
    Specifically, you can serve ads to your competitors' account followers.

  • Zero billing for spread
    Zero billing for spread

    Twitter ad are only charged for the first user engagement, so even if they spread, their costs will not be charged.
    In other words, if it is spread, it will be a "profitable advertisement".

  • 50% of users are over 30 years old!
    50% of users are over 30 years old!

    "But only young people are using Twitter, right?"
    No, in fact, a Twitter survey shows that over 50% of users are over 30 years old. It is a platform that can reach a wide range of age groups.

Twitter ad Targeting (Example of Delivery Results)

  • ・ Health food company A: Acquisition unit price 2,000 yen, improvement rate 120% ・ ・ ・ A reader model is appointed by third-party tweet distribution to improve results.
  • ・ Cosmetics company K: Acquisition unit price 500 yen, improvement rate 110% ・ ・ ・ Implemented a gift campaign. Deliver targeted advertising to applicants.
  • ・ Human resources (new graduates): Acquisition unit price 12,000 yen ・ ・ ・ advertising delivery to followers of other companies' accounts and promotion is carried out efficiently.
  • ・ Game app: Acquisition unit price 800 yen to 1,000 yen. Effectively approach by advertising delivery to users similar to the installed user.
  • ・ Major department store stores: 10% of campaign participants' store visitor rate ・ ・ ・ Store gifts through retweet campaign. 10% of retweets come to the store.

Why you should leave it to GMO-PG

A customer's perspective that can only be achieved by a payment processing company

GMO Payment Gateway provides comprehensive payment related services and finance related services.
Therefore, you can speedily and accurately convey the sales data generated from advertisements through transaction data

Quality unique to a payment service company that can share the same goal of "I want to increase sales of customer EC sites".
Please contact us first.
We also handle online Facebook ad

Actual and support from advertising operation professionals

  • More than 150 Twitter operation group Actual
    More than 150 Twitter operation group Actual

    The GMO Group has a large Actual of operating Twitter ad Therefore, it is possible to improve the results of advertising operations in the shortest possible time.

  • Information is quick due to close communication with the person in charge of Twitter!
    Information is quick due to close communication with the person in charge of Twitter

    GMO-PG is an authorized agency Twitter ad We can provide the latest menus and close support that our competitors do not carry out.

  • Actual seminars co-sponsored by Twitter and Facebook
    Actual of seminars with Twitter / Facebook

    We hold free seminars for our clients.

Not just Twitter. GMO-PG for social advertising

In the SMB account support campaign sponsored by Facebook in September-December 2013, we received the "Excellence Award" for our excellent Actual

payment processing company a leading company in social commerce, we will support you by utilizing our Actual

Flow of introducing Twitter ad

1. Hearing

We will conduct detailed hearings on target figures, objectives, and past operations.

2. Suggestion

Based on the content of the hearing, we will propose a strategy that suits your company, including simulation.

3. contract / start operation

Terms of Service Please check on your contract at the time who sent me seal the certificate contract will be signed. We will adjust the start of operation at your convenience.

4. Operation report

We will bring the report and make an operational report. In addition to the operation report of the previous month, we have received time for a meeting regarding the operation of the next month and thereafter.

* Depending on the usage amount, there may be cases where you do not visit, but we will send you a report of the operation results.

5. Operational tuning

We will tune the operation each time to meet the target value.