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Listing ad



We will act as an advertising agent for GoogleAdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, GDN, and YDN.
Based on search-linked ads that display ads for search keywords in the user's search engine, display ads that can display ads with various targets in the ad advertising delivery We will plan according to the purpose of promotion such as Google shopping advertisement to display advertisement, and proceed with operation to maximize the result.

Facebook / Instagram ad operation service

Facebook ad has been used by many companies as an advertising medium next to Google in recent years. We will maximize advertising results with appropriate targeting and creativity by utilizing the Actual of more than 350 projects.

Twitter ad

GMO-PG, the main agency of only 20 companies in Japan, Twitter ad, which are popular with a wide range of users.

Line ads platform

We will mainly distribute Timeline and LINE NEWS, which boast a high MAU within LINE, which boasts more than 70 million users in Japan.
It has excellent new acquisition ability and can reach a wide range of targets regardless of age or gender.
It is one of the most popular advertising methods nowadays.

Criteo ad

Criteo is a personalized recommended banner.
Criteo realizes overwhelming performance with its recommended logic.
High performance is achieved by controlling the placement of advertisements with a unique algorithm and displaying personalized banners that meet user needs.

Website analysis / improvement consulting

The Marketing Department not only analyzes data, but also proposes concrete and effective site improvement measures.

Ad Fees Deferred Payment

Ad Fees Deferred Payment will create an advertising account on behalf of GMO-PG, and by using the opened advertising account, you will be able to pay for advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo !, and Google. It is a service that you can pay invoice only for the usage at a later date payment.