What is a marketing support seminar?

For customers using the service

We hold free seminars and study sessions

Marketing Department of GMO-PG holds free seminars and study sessions for customers using our services.
Our mission is to "grow your business and sales". Therefore, the scope of service provision is not limited to listing, SNS advertisement operation agency, and Google Analytics support.

"What kind of media and tools are used now?"
"How did your business grow as a result of incorporating the latest features?"
"Successful = what are companies doing with growing sales?"

We are communicating such points with partner companies on various themes.

Our main purpose is to be a seminar that is useful for business growth, and we aim to make people happy that they have chosen GMO-PG.

Past co-sponsored partner companies

・ Yahoo Japan Corporation ・ Google Inc.
・ Facebook .Inc ・ Twitter Japan Co., Ltd.
・ CRITEO Co., Ltd. ・ MicroAd, Inc.
・ Kaizen Platform, Inc. ・ Lockon Co., Ltd.
・ PLAID, Inc. ・ ・ ・ Other