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TRIP Co., Ltd.

Credit card payment that could be introduced because it is GMO-PG.
payment From full customization of screen design to free test environment, it was exhaustive.

The CtoC web service "TRIP", which allows you to buy and sell local tourist products and experiences, uses the GMO Payment Gateway (GMO-PG) comprehensive payment service "PG Multi-Payment Service" as payment Why was GMO-PG selected, and what could be achieved with GMO-PG? We talked to TRIP Co., Ltd. about the introduction process and the deciding factors.

Services used:PG Multi-Payment Service, Credit card payment | Standard | Link type | Member ID payment

Category: Services | Experience-based products

Introduction site: TRIP

Service overview: CtoC web service "TRIP" that allows you to buy and sell local tourist products and experiences

This article was published in April 2014.

We want to be a platform that lowers the threshold for information dissemination.

Card payment have changed with the birth of the CtoC market

Mr. Yoshihara: I feel that it was a very good time to release such a CtoC service, which seems to have been difficult to pass due to the regulations of the card company, recently. What has changed in the industry?

GMO-PG: As a payment processing company of course, the examination of the card company is absolute, but we also research the growth potential and future potential of the entire market for products and services that were NG until now in collaboration with the card company. In the meantime, there are cases where the examination has come down.

In our case, we have a team specializing in CtoC business in-house, and it is a feature that we have a complete system. With this team at the center, we will consider and propose the ideal screening criteria that suit the new business model. We are making such efforts.

We were able to successfully introduce payment to the growing awareness of the CtoC market from society as a whole, the growing economic and cultural expectations for market expansion, and the tailwind of the external environment of the emergence of services and businesses that are attracting attention. I'm relieved.

Speed and response are the keys to introducing payment

GMO-PG: I think that we could have fulfilled a certain role unique to the position of payment processing company which is to pave the way for examination approval through explanations and negotiations with card companies, but frankly, we How was your response?

TRIP Naito: Anyway, the response was really quick and it was helpful. The sales person in charge took the trouble to call me from my business trip destination. (Lol)

While the site is being developed in parallel every day, if the response is slow, the project may stop. That is fast and really helpful. First of all, it's just the impression that we were glad that we were able to release it safely. I was able to proceed with the schedule almost according to the schedule.

payment I was surprised at the high customizability of the screen

GMO-PG: Now that you've talked about development, could you tell us about the good points of GMO-PG payment "PG Multi-Payment Service" in terms of systems such as embedded systems?

TRIP Muraoka: payment The link form on the screen can be fully customized with almost a complete design, and it was very nice to be able to implement it without giving the user the impression of transitioning to another site. I was surprised at the system specifications that I haven't encountered much in my experience as an engineer. This is amazing. payment If the design changes suddenly on the screen, I think that there are many people who leave due to a sense of discomfort.

I also used the link type for embedding, but the library and source code were very organized, and the development speed was greatly increased. There is also a test environment and it is completely exhausted. You were able to assemble crisply.

I want you to say "TRIP is okay"

GMO-PG: Thank you. Can you tell us about your future outlook to the extent that there is no problem?

TRIP Yoshihara: For those who already know LIG (* TRIP Co., Ltd.'s parent company), there is an opportunity to see the news media featured at the time of service release and think "let's use it". There is. In the future, I would like to expand the framework and reach out to those who are not, and businesses nationwide, to broaden their awareness.

There are two specific strategies.

One is to carry out PR strategies on the media and spread them to younger generations with high IT literacy so that they can actually use them. On top of that, by using TRIP to make the business successful, we are aiming for such a service that other businesses can introduce us by word of mouth saying "TRIP is okay".

municipalities participate in TRIP together with a tourism consulting company (Tourism Sales Systems Co., Ltd.) with which we have a business alliance, and from there, businesses in each region can also participate. I want to make a flow.

Aiming for a more reliable infrastructure of payments

GMO-PG: What kind of image do you have in the future, for example, five years from now, or when the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are held?

TRIP Mr. Yoshihara At that time, I was thinking of supporting multiple languages. I would like to aim not only for Japanese people to travel in Japan, but also for foreigners to travel around Japan.

Ideally, a Japanese business operator who wants to sell a certain experience-based product or tourist-type product will be translated and listed in English, Chinese, and Korean at the push of a button at the time of listing. I wish it was such a service. It is expected that it will be used by overseas businesses in the future.

In that way, I would like to aim to develop a service that attracts both businesses and users.

GMO-PG: I 'm looking forward to it. As an infrastructure that supports "TRIP", we will continue to do our utmost to support stable operation, strengthening security, and so on. Thank you for today.

In order to succeed in CtoC business, there are several points such as differentiation from existing services and establishment of an operating system that can deal with troubles such as fraud Full-time staff will guide you about private projects and know-how that cannot be posted on the website. Please feel free to contact us.

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