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Hibiya Hanada Co., Ltd.

Credit card payment services have been effective in reducing costs and avoiding the risk of uncollected loans.

Category: Merchandise | mail order

Introduction site: Hibiya Kadan Flower Gift

Service Overview: Beginners can enjoy shopping with a wide range of flower gift products tailored to various seasonal occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations and gratitude. It also has services and functions for businesses to support same-day delivery of condolence flower gifts and reduce purchasing operations.

This article was published in October 2012.

What are the selection points of the payment processing company

What is the good point of introducing it?

What are your future challenges?

On the corporate site "" that started in April 2004, we will focus on expanding the development of products with higher design.

In addition, we aim to increase the number of registered member companies of "" and build good relationships with registered member companies through communication that makes the best use of the site.

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