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Akyuraizu Co., Ltd.

payment that can save the card number is very convenient. Also, it was decisive that you could make a prepayment at CVS Payment

Services used:PG Multi-Payment Service, Credit card payment | Standard | Module type | Member ID payment, CVS Payment

Category: Product sales | Skin care product sales

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Service Overview: Helping "become the one you want to be" through simple skin care. We are developing a service that shares values with the keyword "makeup" instead of making up for it and making it beautiful.

This article was published in March 2013.

Background of the introduction of the PG Multi-Payment Service


To be honest, PG Multi-Payment Service before the introduction (laughs), but now I am using it very conveniently. payment system, and I can concentrate on the core business that I am mainly in charge of. It has become very easy to operate and manage.

For example, it used to require some manual work to process sales, but now it's all automated. In addition, I used it frequently at the test stage, and it was very helpful in linking the modules.

In addition, member ID payment is very convenient. It saves your card number so users don't have to enter it every time. Do I have to enter my card number every time before? I was asked, but now payment are smoother and easier to store. The process from ordering to payment has become very clean.

Aiming for a more convenient and smooth service

In the future, we would like to increase customer satisfaction by continuing to improve the service so that users can use it more conveniently and smoothly. payment In terms of functions, payment for mobile phones and smartphones and account update for monthly billing (Araiga) E) I would like to use PG Multi-Payment Service, such as adding functions and some return functions.

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