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Landwell Co., Ltd.

Hang with your Chums!
The Facebook page is a place to deepen "bonds" with users.
I was impressed by the words that conversion is more responsible than anywhere else because it deals with payment

Services used: Facebook commerce page creation, Facebook ads placement agency

Service classification: Outdoor goods | Apparel and fashion

Introduction site: CHUMS Online Shopping

This article was published in June 2012.
  • Landwell Co., Ltd.

    Mari Watanabe

    Why you decided to open a Facebook page

    I wanted to communicate with users.
    CHUMS has been active in using social media such as blogs and twitter for a long time, and since it has already opened a Facebook page in the United States, which is the home country of CHUMS, it launched a Facebook page in Japan as soon as possible. I wanted to communicate with the users.
    The opened "CHUMS Online Shopping" not only communicates with users, but also has the function of an EC store as F-commerce.

I was impressed with the words, "Because payment we are more responsible for conversions than anywhere else."

The deciding factor for choosing GMO Payment Gateway from among many vendors

We received many suggestions, but first of all, we trusted them because we have been using the payment And when I made the proposal, I heard payment, we are more responsible for conversions than anywhere else." This word was so impressive that I decided to leave it to me.

Not only opened a page, but also set up a commerce page (tab)

Facebook-related services worked better than expected

Use the Facebook ads placement agency service

To be honest, the effect exceeded my expectations. Up to this point, I didn't expect the number of fans to increase all at once, and the users who became fans immediately added reactions such as "likes" and comments to the photos and sentences posted on the wall. It was a nice surprise to show me. I also realized that I was expected to be more responsive than I had imagined.

We received a proposal from GMO Payment Gateway to gain a solid understanding of CHUMS'customer targets and to acquire highly loyal users. I'm glad I left it to you to advertising delivery

Use Facebook Commerce Support Service

I am very happy with the quality, speed and information provided. Especially when it comes to price, I was surprised. payment We offer in the merchant special price you are using, payment I thought frankly that it was good not to use the service. I have high expectations for future service expansion (laughs).

And I can continue to receive high-quality information and suggestions, and I rely on it so much that I would like to take on the challenge of new initiatives in the future.

The number of leads from Facebook pages to our site has increased

Creating a Facebook page was a success

Yes, the number of fans has exceeded 1000, and communication on the wall is active, and I feel that the number of leads from the Facebook page to the company's site has increased.

We would like to increase the number of inducements to make the page attractive so that customers can purchase the product, and also to strengthen the engagement.

Future social media and other initiatives

Please look forward to CHUMS, which is always challenging!

On the Facebook page, we would like to take on the challenge of developing Facebook-only products and new products using questionnaires. It would be interesting to use the event function to create fan-only events.

I also think that social media matches the catchphrase of Chams, Hang with your Chums ♪ (Let's enjoy with friends), so I would like to continue to actively use it in the future.

We are also considering expanding the CHUMS brand overseas, mainly in Asia. Please look forward to CHUMS, which is always challenging!

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