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EC-CUBE payment

EC-CUBE payment

▼ EC-CUBEペイメントとは

Features 1. recurring payment

recurring payment best to account update We support (Araigae) function. account update Gae is a service that checks credit card information such as expiration dates and updates it to the latest information.

Image of introduction of account update

Features 2.2 2-click payment

It is said that many customers who put products in their shopping cart leave the shop on the way without proceeding to the completion of the purchase. By introducing 2-click payment, we will minimize the "number of screen transitions", which is said to be the main cause of this withdrawal, reduce the withdrawal rate, and lead to the completion of purchase.

* Mobile smartphones also support 2 clicks!

Image of 2-click payment

Feature 3. Management screen cooperation

With EC-CUBE payment, you can perform basic payment management work on the same management screen as EC-CUBE. A card information registration function is also installed as standard.

Image of management screen cooperation

Feature 4. Easy module setting

After completing the EC-CUBE payment contract, you can use it immediately by entering and completing the information on the setting screen.

* We can provide a test environment even at the test stage before installation.

* We will give you a setting manual free of charge.

Image of easy module setting

EC-CUBE Payment Provider GMO Payment Gateway's Strengths

1. No need to apply for each payment

payment merchant of the company required at the time of introduction contract from to-cash management, all of our services to provide you with one of. There is no need for troublesome work and costs such as deposit management.

2. Easy introduction and efficient practical operation

payment framework is provided by the latest technology SaaS, it is easy to introduce or add payment payment results can be managed across the board on a single management screen.

3. Detailed customer support

We analyze the situation and propose the optimum introduction and operation based Actual We are proud of the industry's top class support as a payment processing company

4. Industry-leading stable operation and reliability

payment system that is provided stably 24 hours a day is widely adopted by public entity such as NHK, Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau, Japan Post Business Company, Social Insurance Agency, and municipalities

5. Actual experience with many card companies

contract with 15 card companies, connection operation with 36 card companies. In addition, we have an actual record of providing payment systems to 5 credit card companies on an OEM basis.

6. Internationally recognized security environment

Supports 3D Secure Clears international information security standards ISO / IEC27001, Visa International's security monitoring program, AIS standards, etc.

7. Providing an early collection service for sales proceeds

In response to the diverse needs of our customers, we offer an Early Payment Service for sales proceeds (payment on the 5th business day).

8. Proposal of optimal solution

Through alliances with more than 70 partners who provide versatile payment systems and clerical work, we offer optimal proposals in cooperation with various solutions to meet customer needs.