Useful tools to connect with partners

Useful tools to connect with partners

Useful tools to connect with partners

▼ Useful tools to connect with partners
GMO Smart Shiharai promotes service integration with a variety of partners.
In order to make the integration smooth and easy, we have prepared useful tools for each Phase of the process. Everything, including merchants acquiring, is automated and conducted over the WEB, so you can focus on your main business.

Three types of Smart Shiharai APIs

1. Protocol API

Protocol API of GMO Smart Shiharai is the most versatile among three types. Various connections are possible regardless of the user side or the merchant store.

2. POS Register API

This type of API is oriented to business partners that offer tablet POS register. The integration is simpler than in case of the Protocol API.

3. WebView API

Using WebView allows to implement the payment function of Smart Shiharai into your application that you provide to acquired merchants.

The flow of service integration with partners

Phase1 Contract signing
Phase2 System integration
Phase3 Operation

Our current partners

We always pursue GMO Smart Shiharai partnership with more companies. Partner compensation is also provided.
Smart Shiharai is implemented as a payment function in various services via API. The services can include tablet POS registers or applications that promote O2O sales.
Since these services are provided with already installed payment function, you don't need to download the GMO Smart Shiharai application separately.
We will continue to promote integrations with a wider variety of services.

EC-Orange POS

 Protocol API

The tablet (iPad) POS service “EC-OrangePOS” is used in a variety of industries. POS register system is the type you used to seeing at the counter, however, the use of the tablet POS register system “EC-OrangePOS” is very flexible: it can be used in various scenes and connected to many devices.


POS Register API

Ubiregi provides two services: online service and iPad with application. Ubiregi application is already installed on the iPad which is used as a register. Sales data can be checked from the website provided by us.

GMO Omise application

Smart Shiharai Web View API

GMO DIGITAL Lab creates original custom-made applications, and submites them to the App Store and Google Play on your behalf. They have beem receiving favorable reviews from SMEs. Even SMEs without specialist knowledge can implement their branded application for in-store usage.

GMO AppCapsule

Smart Shiharai Web View API

GMO AppCapsule is an ASP service that creates original O2O applications to attract customers to physical stores, such as restaurants, hair salons, nail salons, accommodation facilities, hospitals, and dental clinics. The AppCapsule service has a function to distribute stamp cards and coupons. By using it, you can improve communication with your existing customers, attract more customers and improve sales.