Recruit Kantan Payment

Recruit Kantan Payment

Recruit Kantan Payment

▼ Recruit Kantan Payment
It is a payment method that allows your customers to pay with their registered credit card and Recruit Points by using “Recruit ID”, an authentication method unified for various services offered by Recruit.

Advantages of Recruit Kantan Payment

  • ・Possibility to reach Recruit members with strong purchasing power.
  • ・Improvement of the conversion rate. Recruit Kantan Payment will lead you to acquire new consumers who are currently dropping out midway through the member registration process.
  • ・Possibility to use Recruit Points upon purchase will motivate buyers to do shopping on your website and thus, will increase the purchase frequency and the purchase price.

Operation flow

  • Purchase information, Payment number, Payment notification…Purchase information, Payment number, Payment notification
  • Deposit…Deposit
Operation flow of Recruit Kantan Payment
  1. Purchase
  2. Payment processing
    (Merchant -> GMO-PG)
  3. Payment processing
    (GMO-PG -> Recruit)
  4. Authentication information (URL is issued)
    (Recruit -> GMO-PG)
  5. Authentication information is returned
  1. Authentication screen is displayed (Merchant -> Consumer)
  2. Authentication processing
    (Consumer -> Recruit)
  3. Notification of a completed payment
    (Recruit -> GMO-PG)
  4. Notification of a completed payment
    (GMO-PG -> Merchnat)
    *Using only the program providing result notification.
  5. Service delivery
  1. Sales deposit (SBPS -> merchant)
    *The payment settlement is conducted by SoftBank Payment Service (SBPS ) that is the Recruit’s business partner.

Service introduction flow

1.Notes regarding the application

  • ・If you want to implement the Recruit Kantan Payment method as a part of PG Multi-Payment Service platform, you will need to submit the application form to Recruit and SBPS. Merchant screening will be conducted.
  • ・If you already have a direct contact with Recruit, but want to add our PG Multi-Payment Service platform, we will need your “Merchant ID” that was issued by Recruit.

2.Introduction flow

  • Production environment…Production environment
  • Application, Screening…Application, Screening
Service introduction flow