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Rakuten Pay (Online Payment)

Rakuten Pay

▼ Rakuten Pay (Online Payment)
It is a payment method that allows Rakuten members to pay for goods and services with their Rakuten ID. By introducing this type of payment, you are able to reach Rakuten members (approximately 116 million as of September 2016) with the strong consumer purchasing power. Reaching them is expected to significantly drive your sales growth.
Users of the Rakuten Pay (Online Payment) can easily and safely make payments by just entering their Rakuten ID and password. Also, they can earn and use Rakuten Super Points when making online purchases.

Advantages of the Rakuten Pay (Online Payment)

①Possibility to reach approximately 116 million Rakuten members

Members of higher membership ranks*1represent 70% of Rakuten members who use the Rakuten Pay method, thus, you are able to acquire new customers who are willing to shop online.
*1 Members of Gold membership and higher. To learn more about membership ranks, please refer to the link below.(https://point.rakuten.co.jp/guidance/rankkeep/)(Japanese lauguage only)

②Improvement of the conversion rate

Introducing Rakuten Pay helps you to increase the conversion rate by preventing customers from dropping out midway through the member registration process.

Improvement of conversion rate

*The payment can be completed by using the only buyers' payment information after membership registration is done on each e-commerce website.

③Increase of the purchase unit price and the purchase frequency

By letting your customers use Rakuten Super Points upon purchase, you can motivate them to do shopping on your website and thus, increase the purchase frequency and the purchase price.

Increase of purchase unit price and purchase frequency

Rakuten Pay (Online Payment) service introduction video

Operation flow

From the stage of purchase to sales deposit

  • Purchase information, Payment number, Payment notification…Purchase information, Payment number, Payment notification
  • Deposit…Deposit
Operation flow of Rakuten Payment (online payment)
  1. Purchase
  2. Payment processing (Merchant -> GMO-PG)
  3. Payment processing (GMO-PG -> Rakuten)
  4. Authentication information (issuing URL) (Rakuten -> GMO-PG)
  5. Returning payment results
  1. Authentication screen is displayed (Merchant -> Consumer)
  2. Authentication processing (Consumer -> Rakuten)
  3. Notification of a completed payment (Rakuten -> GMO-PG)
  4. Notification of a completed payment (GMO-PG -> Merchant)
    *Using only the program providing result notification
  5. Service delivery
  1. Deposit


1. There is a limit on the amount that buyers can use.

The minimum amount is 100 yen.

2. Cancellation

Sales cancellations cannot be conducted on our administration screen, after they are done on the Rakuten administration screen. In case of chargeback you can request for consent at the Rakuten administration screen, but first you should conduct a sales cancellation on our administration screen.

3. Validity period between temporally sales and actual sales.

Validity period between temporally and actual sales is five months from the date of the sales capture.

*To learn more, please contact us via application form or by phone.