Transfer service for physical stores

Transfer service for physical stores

▼ Transfer service for physical stores
This is a functionality to tie the card data processed through card terminals at physical stores and member number and to register to our Multi-Payment Service.

Member ID (card data and member number) of the buyer at physical stores are stored under our Multi-Payment Service when the ID of the terminal at physical store is tied to the website ID of our Multi-Payment Service.

Advantages of the transfer service for physical stores

This service eliminates the need for the Ecommerce operators to re-register card data after the buyer makes payments at physical store and register himself/herself as a member, allowing the buyer to make payments with the existing ID* in subsequent shopping.
Registration of card data to terminals at physical stores allows for subsequent recurring billing operation* through our payment system (online payment).
We provide physical terminals that comply with the PCI-PTS requirements. Therefore, merchants only need to use our terminals to not retain card data in accordance with the Action Plan.
*Merchants need to use our Multi-Payment Service (Standard or Advanced plan) to use the member ID function.

Service flow of the transfer service for physical stores
(at the time of card member registration)


Notes on the transfer service for physical stores

  • Merchants can register only the cards whose brands are covered by the contracts for the particular physical store.
  • Merchant contracts for both online payments and offline (physical store) payments are necessary to use the service. In addition, contracts for credit card payment terminals and Multi-Payment Service are required.
  • "Physical payment terminal ID" is required for using the service. Please confirm the ID and communicate to GMO-PG in advance.
  • The service of use need to be the same for the physical store payments and online payments. The service cannot be used when the services for the two are different.
  • Allotment method of member ID/number (automated or by choice) need to be consistent for the two. Please ensure that the correct methods are chosen on both service configurations.